Sunday, May 25, 2014

Every Day I Tell Myself...

I am meant to have an amazing life!
I am meant to have everything i love and desire.

My work is meant to be exciting and I'm meant to accomplish all the things I would love to accomplish.
My relationship with my family and friends are meant to be filled with happiness.

I am meant to have all the money i need to live a full,wonderful life.
I am meant to be living my dreams, ALL OF THEM!
I am meant to travel, I am meant to start a business...
I am meant to do things i love.

Whatever it is i would love to be, I am meant to be it!

I am meant to be laughing and full of JOY.
I am meant to feel strong and safe.
I am meant to feel good about myself. I AM INVALUABLE! lol =D
I am meant to have changes in my life, because they help me grow...
I am meant to know how to overcome problems and challenges.
I am meant to be VICTORIOUS!
I am meant to be happy.
I am meant to have an amazing life.

I am meant to experience life to its fullest and have everything i want and, at the same time, be filled with joy, health, vitality, excitement and LOVE!

Because that is an amazing life!

Some very good thoughts I've learned from "THE POWER"!
So...remember guys, your life is FUCKING AMAZING!!!
Be thankful for what you have =)


  1. Positive thoughts everyday, keeps the negative thoughts away.

  2. :) Good thoughts!


  3. simply amazing. Enjoying reading your posts, keep in touch! xx Peach

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