Wednesday, September 4, 2013


*Drum Rolls* Congratulations to our top seven FFT meidos!!
YAY~these are the best meidos we have selected to serve goshujinsama & ojousama in FuwaFuwa Time Maid Cafe for this years HobbyCon 2013! Guarantee kawaii lol

Congratz again to all the lucky girls , meido photoshoot coming next, will introduce our meidos in more detail on next post hehe

With Aika and Aly photobomb at the bck during the audition =D
Group photo after audition

Team HobbyCon would like to thank you for joining the Fuwa Fuwa Maid Cafe search. 
Thank you so much for coming, I rily had a great time and happy to know the girls, didn't expect to see so many girls coming to the audition actually, make me feel super nervous everyone look super MOE, and all dressed up! *look at myself, damn....wat shit I'm wearing huh?*

Oh gawd y can't I just pick all the girls to be part of the FFT team? ;___; *sob* 
Sorry I'm rily sucks at making decision, feel so bad had to be a dream crusher for crushing ppl's hope orz

No worries I shall raise your hope again~


Fuwa Fuwa Time Maid Cafe is looking for 2 butlers or 2 crossplay butlers!

So all hansamu or kawaii boy looking girl out there, If you think you got what it takes to be the FFT maid cafe's butler, register HERE

 How to become a part of the team?
a) Qualifying age: 16 years - 30 years old
b) You will need to wear your own outfit in black and white. You may refer to this image as reference: 

c) Business hour: 12pm - 6pm (Day 1), 11am - 5pm (Day 2)
d) Your task is mainly to welcome the patrons at the door and/or promote flyers and assist the Head maid where necessary. Selected butler will be briefed on details later.
e) Discipline, Professional, Responsible and In character




Extra :  Fuwa-Fuwa TIme Maid Cafe Wallpaper free download

Random Useless crap : my selfie <3>

LASTLY:  Must thank you Alyssa for being SO OHSUM! *HUGS* without you I think i will spoiled the whole audition orz...