Saturday, August 10, 2013


Hey hey~I'm back with mah new look "AEGYO SAL" (eye pouches/eye pockets) I have this obsession with "eye pouches" recently, all thanks to Miyake >.< My fav Ulzzang blogger, her make up & style really inspired me alot especially her latest Aegyo Sal make up tutorial ! Her everyday make up is so cute I'm really amazed on how the eye pouches can make a big difference, so i decided to gv it a try, and OMG I LOVE YOU DEAR EYE POUCHES! Used to have super obvious puffy eyes last time but never appreciated owez try lotsa diff product to get rid of it....*sob sob* nao damn regret!!!

- Aegyo sal,  means 'eye smiles' or 'cute skin' and is new trend in Korea.
- Considered to make face look more attractive and youthful
 - Aegyo Sal is the layer of skin under the eyelids that gives your eyes more life and basically makes it look bigger.' 
- Essentially, it is a bulge of fat immediately under the lash line that creates puffiness under the lower eyelid.

 Note : Aegyo sal are not eyebags

- Eyebags are caused by lack of sleep or if you're unlucky, caused by your genes and makes you look like a zombie or a panda.

No need to go under the knife or injection to get the perfect Aegyo Sal cuz I got a MAGIC STICK from Etude House! JENG JENG JENG~~ Dear Girls Cute Eye Maker!

Now everyone can fake it up by using make up! Yes you can has AEGYO SAL too~

 Left : Without Aegyo Sal, Right : with Aegyo Sal

It really does make a difference! Thats how i normally look like on the left, and with a little bit of magic i transformed to a ulzzang! =D

 This one a bit unnatural lol applied too much "step 1" I guess =X need to practice more to improve skills. else will ended up look like panda eye!

Le boyfie and me, He said I look cuter with Aegyo sal hehehehe *blush*

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


 this blog post is just part of the jokes

Bitch fight continue after 3years.
you can still find the1st bitch fight post HERE which she requested (can i say "beg"?) me to take it down years ago,but actually i didn't lololol

Never thought this kinds of stupid argument still got story to continue after so many is so dramatic when there is a bitch. One is already enuf to cause chaos! thank you ar Sylvia for being such a hilarious drama queen!

I wonder if anyone of you "LIKE,SUKA,喜欢" this attention seeker famous blogger wannabe?
for me attention seeking is acceptable but you are just too much, nobody will judge u if u r doing it right! WHY don't you bitch some real stuff instead of telling lies? LIES LIES LIES full of lies in your blog and in your life!

Seriously you never failed to make us laugh with your jokes.
你想象力真的很丰富,别人的一个脸书状态就能让你写那么多不相干的东西出来?如果说你的帖子是“真相”, 那我能称我这帖子为 “屎尾鸭的笑话” 吗?You made a fool out of yourself.

I know it's non of my business and I'm not siding anyone okay although Michelle is my bestie, She made a mistake by confessing her feelings online. (she shouldn't have done that) But's her facebook and she can post anything she want kay!

Here goes~Start bashing ppl in her twitter,
You can find more on her blog and facebook.
The moment she mentioned ppl's BF, I'm sorry
I'm such a kaypoh (busybody) kenot sit still go
and try explain things and let her know dat she
misunderstood the meaning of Michelle's status.
Why am i so kind ar wth? I shud hv just let her
embarrassed herself bah rite? LOL  

And why the hell you keep thinkin that ppl tryin to
insult/compare your boyfriend with "Justin Bieber"??? LOLOLOL

I'm really amazed at your IQ and EQ!

For god's sake girl, you're already 26, can stop acting like a brat onot? Because of your stubbornness can't get what people trying to say, and get mad over the wrong "point", doesn't mean you have the right to insulted people's boyfren,frens and family (so much unrelated person and untrue stories u dragged into the water) in your blog which you keep edited and edited, why trying so hard to twist and turn the whole story???

Honestly, your lies are getting on my nerves. I don't know what you butt hurt for? The way you handle your haters is just way too much!
People who dunno your true color may continue back you up, good luck to ya all sylvia's bootlickers.
But we (who met and knw you personally) all clearly know dat you're just a two-faced type of person, full of yourself, a whorish, sluttish, attention-seeking, shameless bitch! 

Yes you maybe friendly but sorry ar, only to boot-lickers, and good-looking, popular people (wan to tumpang glamor?) admit it!



Listen, My parents are RICH, what about her?
I'm using iphone5, what cell she using?
I got income from my saloon and house rental , she got onot?
Nxt time I can buy my own car, no need to depend on boyfriend, she got money to buy car onot? 
I tambirang (LIE) so what? She rude and no manners!

She got wat?Rich boyfriend?
Without the rich boyfriend she think she got $ meh?
Don't be so kurang ajar if u haven't married to him
you got nothing, you are just empty!
My family got leave their wealth to me,what about her?
Depend on rich boyfriend only? 

wow u sound like a 5year old O.o (你看我有你没有leh!)

I LAUGH SO HARD everytime i read this LOLOLOLOL! thats what she wrote in her blog but now deleted to cover her mistakes! And her chinese oso very sucks i don even know how to translate her alien language to proper english!

Just bcoz of ONE status you started to compare wealth and devices! (which is so damn unrelated) and is that what you meant by "OWH, I'M A VERY POSITIVE PERSON!" ???

Translation: "People who likes me are good person, those who dislike me are bad person, those hates me are not even human."

can stop labeling those who don like you (or hate you) as BAD PERSON onot?! what kind of logic is this?
And stop saying people dislike you cuz jealous of you and your life pls, LOL tell me, WHY would we jealous of you when we have better life and stuff than yours? People don't have to be jealous to insult you lar silly.

Also, if you rily don't give a damn why still continue to post all this unrelated drama to ashame yourself in your blog?
Seriously, the problem is you, Stop humiliating yourself. Good luck with that shitty attitude & personality of yours! Thats the main reason y ppl dislike u dummy.

无风不起浪~最适合形容你了,一个丑事扬名天下的人竟然还可以理直气壮自以为是地批评及羞辱他人? 看来你不要脸的程度已经是神仙级的了,可悲呀。

P/s: Do you realize the ones that hate you are actually your so called friends ? 
P/s/s: I'm not like you,defending yourself with lies! I don't need to explain anything to everyone, people know how to judge ;)
P/s/s: Dear Sylvia, we are feeling grateful that you enlighten our life, thank you!!! 

P/S/S: YOU ARE LUCKY that your family gave you money as capital for your business.You shud thank them, not your own luck, ability or skills, stop acting like you damn deserved it! 

enjoy reading!