Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fluffy Hour

Ohai~ I'm back with more good news! HobbyCon 2013 introducing:

Fuwa Fuwa Time Maid Cafe !!! 

It's a mobile concept of Maid Cafe.
And we are recruiting the 1st batch of MAIDS to join our Fuwa Fuwa Family! Audition opens to all Malaysian!

How to become part of the team, what is the requirement to become a Maid? :
- Good-looking
- 16 years old and above
- Petite, medium sized body, not too fat =X
- Know how to do things in a cute manner (act cute) and smile all the time
- Able to attend training session (dates and at place will be announce soon)
- Measured for Maid Outfit Tailoring (dates and at place will be announce soon)
- Business hour: 12pm - 6pm (Day 1), 11am - 5pm (Day 2)
- Discipline, Professional, Polite, Responsible, Fun, Sweet, Friendly and has a great personality

What you'll get :
- Maid Costume will be provided (yes, you can keep it too)
- Best maid will win a whopping RM1000 in cash
- Consolation prize will be RM100 in cash

Fuwa Fuwa Time Maid Uniform, super cute rite???!!! Fast join and get this uniform for free!

DEADLINE : 15th August 2013, so be sure to send in the form on time!!!

What you need to do:

- Submit a kawaii picture of yourself  (Preferable half body)
- Fill in the application form HERE!

Please make up, dress up and pose at you best to increase your chances to be selected :)


And I will be your Head maid this year! 请多指教啦~  "yoroshiku onegai shimasu." Let's take care of each other and work hard together to provide the best service to our customers! *ganbatte fighting*


So what are you waiting for? Are you the potential maid? We all look forward to seeing you at the Fuwa-Fuwa Time Maid Cafe! Spread to your potential friends if you know one!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sketch of the month

It's been awhile since i since I've uploaded my artworks here =X
I've start drawing again,  stopped drawing my own stuff for years due to busy life and career, 
my hand even shaking nao when I hold a pencil, thanks you ar advanced tools that invaded my life, damn you mouse photoshop internet computer!!

 must polish my rusty drawing skill liao T_T sobs

 got a little addicted to Dragonball lately hehe, so here are few of my favorite DBZ character....
 #1 young Son Gohan

#2 Son Goten

 #3 the proud prince of saiyan, Vegeta! 

 #4 and everyone's fav! Son Goku saiyan 3!!!!

One piece sketch dedicated to all OP fans!

 #5 Mugiwara no Luffy

  #6 Trafalgar Law, KYAAAA~~! *fan girl mode* my fav male char in one piece! too handsome <3 p="">

 #7 kawaii Tony Tony Chopper

#8 most beautiful woman in the world (in the world of OP), Pirate empress Boa Hancock!

#9 Ririchiyo Shirakiin from Inu x Boku SS

thats all for today, let me know which drawing you like most =DDDD

Monday, July 1, 2013


HobbyCon 2013 is going to be BIGGER and DABOOOOMB!  yes when i say dabomb means it's going to be soooo huge and fun that we are going to launch a nuclear instead of normal fireworks to celebrate!!! I know...lame joke...*okay.jpg*

Will reveal more big plans and surprise soon! OMG EXCITED NOT?! 
So get your cosplay gears and wallet ready peeps! I swear your wallet is going to bleed alot this year, bigger venue, bigger hall, bigger MARKETPLACE! we are opening up MORE tables/booths for small entrepreneurs to sell, promote, publish, share and and and...Not only that, we have FOOD STREET on both day! OHGAWD....Shut up and take all my moneh!!!

Date: 14 & 15 December 2013 (Mark your calendar peeeps!)
Likas Sports Complex, Kota Kinabalu (Outdoor+Indoor with Air Conditioner)

Day 1: 10:00am - 08:00pm
Day 2: 10:00am - 10:00pm

committees meeting seession: planning and discussing the details of Hobbycon 2013. And yes I've officially joined HC's big family this year! Head maid of Fuwa-Fuwa Time. Please treat me well this year as well.=D

Super happy to see HobbyCon growing bigger and bigger every year. 
And we are looking for MORE VOLUNTEERS like you!!! Be a part of the family who make HobbyCon 2013 happen! Help us to make this dream come true. Be up close and personal in event organizing, meet new friends, nurture the teamwork and leadership in you!
How to join HC big family? Just fill in the form here :

Please note that:
- All interested volunteers must be committed and effective at all times. No last minute pull out.
- All interested volunteers must be available on 6th December for Setup and during BOTH event date (14 & 15 December 2013)
- All interested NEW volunteers will be interviewed for us to get to know your on-the-job strength
- All interested volunteers will be assigned according to their specific stations
- No photography volunteers needed.

Note: Food will be provided, and all volunteers will receive special HobbyCon Volunteers T-Shirt
Hobbycon committee planning and discussing the details of Hobbycon 2013.


Our mascot Adam and Eve is back with "shhhiiiiing" more shiny armor and wow Eve got a new hair cut?! O.o  * Totemo kawaii  *

Ticket details are out, there are 2types of ticket this year, Standard ticket and VIP ticket! You can find the ticket prices and detail in the poster on top!


Early bird :  Standard Ticket

* will get an HC limited recycled goodie bag.  Lotsa surprise inside hehehehe
* Skip the long ticket line on HC Day!

Both your official ticket and merchandise will be given DURING the event at the early bird counter. You will need to print your confirmation email that will be sent to u upon purchase.

Early bird :  VIP Ticket

* will get a goodie bag with selected HC limited merchandise.
* Access to fast lane to Fuwa-Fuwa Maid Cafe, no more waiting in the line, psst~can directly cut queue lol!
* 1 x Polaroid Photo with your maid of choice in Fuwa-Fuwa Time Maid Cafe
* Bingo Roller, a chance to win great prizes in our free prize draws.
* Special "viewing" area during all stars march, no need to squeeze hard to get through the crowd.
* And you can join us all committees,cosplayers,and VIPs at the HOBBYCON AFTER PARTY!!
* Special discounts at selected booths.

Standard ticket :

* Nothing special, just a piece of card that gives you right to enter the HC Main Hall (Boss Stage) where all additional packed GOODNESS are located lololol ! =p

Purchase your ticket now at Better be fast cuz early bird tickets are very limited!!! Great deal you don't wanna miss!

Or you can join I♥ Hobbycon Weekly Ticket Giveaway to win your two-day ticket for free!

UPDATED :  "Here is a graphical guide to assist on which and when you should purchase."



This Year's Highlights!


 I mean HUMANS hehe

 *Drum Rolls*

We proudly present you, HobbyCon very own MAID CAFE FUWA-FUWA TIME
It means "Fluffy Hour" Yay~ I know a lot of you have been waiting for this day to come *cough cough* moe meidos to serve you? Goshujinsama? *wink*

Okay will talk more about Fuwa-Fuwa time Maid cafe on next post so please come back to for more exciting updates~! ;)

Share this love with your friends and family!!!! more info on