Saturday, May 25, 2013


Had a 5days trip to China Guang Zhou and Shen Zhen 2weeks ago with my best friend Suwen and Zhen.
It was my 1st time to China and I LOVE IT! Especially their food! I'm in love with the GYOZA aka dumpling (饺子)! yumz~definitely the best gyoza I ever had, with PORK FILLING! lol

some random breakfast shop like few blocks away from our hotel, selling really yummy fried gyoza!

minced pork and Chinese chives(ku chai) filling....ohgawd HEAVEN! I'm not a meat lover but this pork is soooo tender and taste great yumz! man I'm so sux at describing food,wish im a pro foodie.

the menu, everything is so cheap in Guang Zhou i can survive here without working for months!

Best travel buddy ever!

and Chu cheong fun (猪肠粉 rice noodles) with pork filling as well! I like how they make their rice noodle so thin and smooth,layering with vegetable and meat Mmmmm....

Dinner at.....oh my I 4got the name of the restaurant =.= see told cha I am a failed foodie....

A lil bit expensive but still okok lar, nothing special with the food taste hmmmm "normal" ? 

My fish fillet spaghetti

Zhen's "Yan su Ji" Udon (鹽酥雞 Salted Crispy Chicken) 

Very beautiful Ice cream

Singapore fried meehoon...not yummy one,very salty and oily =(


Food stall Just in front of our Hotel! Grill stuffs, chicken, beef, lamb, squid, Taiwanese sausage, curry fish ball, beef ball and more. The 大连酱爆鱿鱼 grill squid taste BOOM, rubbery texture with a little bit spicy! mad love their homemade recipe Xo sauces!


 see all the squidsssss


Ridiculous CHEAP breakfast stall near our Hotel, just realize y sooo any food oso near the hotel one lol, ask for "tapau" take away cuz its just a small stall no seat & table provided D=

More gyozaaaaaas...Me & Zhen's breakfast! guess how much all these steam gyoza cost us? 12RMB include 1 soya bean milk and 1 Lo Bak Gou (蘿蔔糕 radish cake) wtf? which means RM6 for everything! I can't even finish my pack of gyozas =X

to be continue.....