Monday, March 4, 2013

My home. My land

SABAH, also known as East Malaysia "Land Below The Wind" one of the 13 member states of Malaysia. More about Sabah read Wiki thx =p

This is my hometown, this is where I grow, I live, peaceful and beautiful isn't it?  =) 

but this peaceful land is no longer peaceful =( Sabah is in Chaos right nao... the self-proclaimed Sultan of Sulu has sent a numbers of Armed intruders (royal army) into the state to claim the land by force,rumors flying everywhere, war has started, our security forces were killed, gunshots were heard in Lahad Datu, people live in fear, so much is going on right now and I'm really sad to see some West Malaysians says that we Sabah and Sarawak are not part of Malaysia, "better gv Sabah Sarawak to Philippine lah" and we just a pile of shits without KL.

Oh rily?
Without Sabah and Sarawak, what are peninsular west M'sia ? where do you think your Twin tower came from? We are the second richest in natural resources in Malaysia but we are the poorest state.
there....i said it....didn't mean to offend or hurt anyone. Just my opinion tho...
I'm just really angry at the person who insulted Sabah and start all this hate argument on facebook!

Some say we live in cave,some say we live on tree but I SAY WE LIVE IN HEAVEN! =D
Where is your 1 MALAYSIA SPIRIT? Why kick us away when we are in trouble? when we need your support most? West M'sia, East M'sia sama juga Malaysia mah!
We shud support each other, save our country from the enemies and HATE okay! so stop causing more anger hatred and disharmony!

Don't understand why most of the west malaysians hate us,but I'm rily glad that all my semenanjung frens are super nais and friendly. =D

some pics i found online that related to the incident

 Let Us Pray for SABAH!
For us sabahans, our country is very precious. Please stop the bloodshed in Sabah!

Guys, please be smart  stop sharing rumors and information of police/army activities (locations, roadblocks, etc) on Facebook/twitter. You are giving away free info to the enemies to increase their defense! Let's protect our land and heroes as they protect us!

PS : use Whatsapp or SMS instead!

Be alert and careful for your own safety, stay home at nigh.

Love and Peace, from Magu ♥