Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New addiction-GAME

Ohai~I'm back! hehehehe. Gomen for the lack of update =p 
I'm more active on instagram @magurorelle & twitter @MaguChan follow me for more updates!

Btw anyone here playing line play?? add me! My avatar name is Maguro! The game is soooo addictive i kenot stop playing everyday,everything is too cute and they have lots of cat related stuff all so kawaii I can die!!!

not sure wat theme to choose to decorate my haos, they hv lots of beautiful furnitures, and clothes too!! oh and GACHA!!! omg.......i wanna own everything! D=

Decided to make it simple white+purple with wooden furniture, so TA-DA~~~! dis is how my living room n bedroom look like!

Here is my invitation code in Line Play, PK-4746-0903, use it to get +1000 free gems! ;) hv fun and see ya inside the game hehe.