Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Hobbyon2013: Fuwa-FuwaTime MaidCafe Debut

Long ass appreciation post :

Hobbycon approached me a year ago(2012) asking if I'm interested to start a maid cafe for this year and I was unsure if I have the confidence to make it happen. Despite that , I still agreed to it.
Spent almost a year to come up with the name "Fuwa fuwa time"(which means fluffy hours), designing every single graphics required and did tons of online research on maid cafe culture in terms of interior design and principle ,as well as my money to make our maid cafe looks real.
Then , I worried about the audition for maids selection where I need to be strict and professional on how to train them on all aspects such as food preparation and how to carry themselves as maids.
I was so stress and afraid on how it would turn out and even on the day itself my leg was shakin when guests started to queue.

TO FARA (Lady Boss of HC)
I would like to sincerely thank Fara for giving me this opportunity to run this maid cafe and I'm THANKFUL and happy for that. It was like running an actual cafe. Thank you so much for trusting in my abilities, and the support you have given me throughout the year!!! It was a great learning experience working with you ^_____^

My appreciation also to Alyssa for making all of these a reality. Always remember you're NEVER alone, we are your friends and we all love you!

Thank you to all the cute maids,  Moena, Hiyori, DD, Nana, Chiaki, Vermeil and Aika, I can't thank you enough for your cooperation and commitment, thank you for all your hard work, words can't describe how much you are appreciated!!!
And my apologies if there is any "kekasaran". I'm very proud of you all! Last but not least , a BIG thank you to all Goshujin-sama and Ojou-sama who came and waited patiently in the long queue. If there is any shortfall or suggestion, do let us know for further improvement.

Thank you committees and volunteers for making FUWA FUWA TIME a successful one, ARIGATOU!

I'm grateful to be part of the team! So much laughter and gila gila moment! I LOVE YOU!!! AND I LOVE MY HC FAMILY. I'm so glad our friendship has grown along with HC!

ENJOY the pics I steal from FB, didn't have the chance to sneak out and enjoy the event =( was really busy in the maid cafe *sob*

Our epic guest cosplayers, Tuxedo Team from the Philippine & Kachang Puteh from Singapore.

heard that the all starts march was damn epic this year! GAAAAAH I MISSED ALL THE FUNS!

Tux Team x Jna x Kachang Puteh

Heichou kick!!  Oh my gosh Miguel, I mean Eren...... are you okay????? D=

Hikaru Band at HobbyCon was super good ,thats what i heard from the others lar =X

 NO LIE one I tell you!!! All hail to Hikaru band, too good that everyone worship them!

le boyfie live drawing session

cosplay panel with Tux Team 

Long line to Fuwa-Fuwa Time Maid Cafe : Day1

Long line to Fuwa-Fuwa Time Maid Cafe : Day2 nervous my leg was shakin like mad when everyone started to queue.
BIG THANK YOU to all who came and supported FUWA FUWA TIME!

ohai~Its me the Head maid of FFT!

with Butler Dare, all the girls went fan girling at him in the cafe included the maids lol


 Our big sponsor Mr BrunoVun & his wifey, thank you so much, sincerely from my heart!

The troopers & FFT meidos

Tux Team & Kachang Puteh trolling around lol

announcing the winner in few min =3


Congratulation to Aika for winning the Fuwa Fuwa Time meido contest!

HC day2 highlight : THE PROPOSAL! Congrats to this epic couple Jna & Max *ehem* waiting for your invitation yo!

gila gila moment in the cafe


with boyfie

 niichan your face looks scary D=

2adults playing in the bouncy castle XD

 the lengzai butlers 

Shall end this post with selfie pics hohohohohoho I SWEAR YOU ALL GONNA JELLY!

 Jin sama my Idol from TuxTeam, she is super humble and friendly omg I rily admired her alot!

 And pretty "girl" Miguel hohohoho with Dom photobombing at the back lol

with reindeer san~ DOM!!! I rily like him alot, he has a good sense of humor! Arigatou Dom for showing me magic tricks during my "awkward moment" hurhurhur...
AJAIB NIKMATNYA!!! The first malay word he learned LOL damn random!

was too shy when I 1st met them at the airport, really paiseh with my lousy communicating in english, so i ended up stay silent most of the time and let Alyssa do all the talking =X

 Group shot: U guys are awesome. Next year MESTI DATANG LAGI YO!!!


  1. geeez you're so cute!! :D looks really fun all of it :D

  2. OMG I cant stop laughing at the photos with the maids and stormtroopers! And the rest looks soooo much fun ^^/ Happy New Year >^.^<