Friday, December 28, 2012

Cosplay Debut

Disappear for weeks cuz kena TONS of works and TONS of event! (just trying to make stupid excuses) but fret not! I manage to escaped myself from the kidnappers so YAY I'm back, did ya miss me???? =D
I've got tons of pics n stuff wan to share with ya all but free time is so limited T_T no more wasting time on bla bla bla, IT'S PICTURE TIME!

Hobbycon Day1 as Mirai Suenaga! Mascot for Culture Japan, Danny Choo

 Pic credited to : Leong Choy Kwan 
My cosplay debut, I know you like it thank you lol!
honestly I think my Mirai cosplay abit failed cuz look so..."meh" hair is too short and fuuuu.jpg somemore 4got to touch ugly black roots,use real hair cuz too stingy wanna save more $$$ *lesson learned* =( 
and still need lotsa improvement!

Kuya and I =D pic steal frm Kuya hohohohoho

With Jack, the well known Director of "Orang Sabah Style"

Yes please stalk haha,and dat's one kawaii slender man!

Hobbycon Day2 as AL AZIF from Deus Machina DEMONBANE

moeness overload!

 Photograph by Edgar from the Hitman Crew,Thanx so much for thepix! too ohsum

Pose like a Pro, hardcore practiced in front mirror day before Hobbcon hahaha

trust me, I'm 0% experience in cosplay photo shoot! was trying my best to portray my fav char Al Azif,  I AM SO HONORED!

most fav! with Kareshi *Love* 

Kuya sama again! pic oso frm Kuya XD

 oh my,this pic is sooooooo pretty! frm Left: kawaii Nio Tan from Brunei, Me and le sister! Pic from Scarysoul

Moena as Lucy from Fairy Tail! her cosplay is SUPER! I steal again hehehe

with le sister again! Aoi chan from kaichou wa maid-sama 会長はメイド様!pic from SethChan

pic from Wing

HOBBYCON 2012 "MESTI DATANG" collaboration with Jack's Stuff Production

welcome to HC big family,director Jack! guess we are going to work together more often than before, more collaboration yay! XDD thank you for being so supportive and congratz on becoming Hobbycon's official videographer! you are Ohsum!

HobbyCon 2012 in Berita Nasional - TV1 and Astro Tv I 

HobbyCon2012 coverage by "Kami Bah.. Ini"

Lastly! HAPPY BELATED X'MAS GUYS! This year is being so wonderful for me, thank you so much everyone! Please take care of me as well next year ^^

Grumpy cat still grumpy on X'mas day

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!