Thursday, November 22, 2012

A mail from Pixiv

I feel so blessed honored and extremely happy can die rite nao, seriously what good things have I done that I deserve such huge success!? not sure how and when i allow good to flow into my life thank you thank you thanks to all the good things,everything,people,life and universe ZOMG pardon me, still very very surprised to know that I'm one of the winner in the Mirai Suenaga Illustration Contest!

Part of the mail frm pixiv, but dAYUM kenot understand single word! =.=

Eng version:  

most exciting part!

My artwork "Mirai meido" is going to be part of MIRAI Inc. !!!

 which means will be part of culture Japan, DANNYCHOO.COM?!! and will be display/use in all culture Japan's event that take place around the world?!!oh gosh this is too good to be real, I'm probably misunderstanding something? T_____T no right?!

Thanks to Pixiv and Mr Danny and of course 末永未来♡ MIRAI CHAN! thank you for being so moe I really love u! *LOVE* altho its a last minute work but I rily think dat i did a quite ohsum job lolololol super thick face XD

lastly a pic of myself in purple wig yo! =D 
Hobbycon is just around the corner, its time to gear up/suit up/everything up AGAIN!!!
The most ohsum and exciting event that don't want to miss! will blog bout it on nxt post ;) hehe
stay tuned!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Had a "SIR" gathering last nite with my Dini family at Lucy Kitchen and we all transformed into SIR MUSTACHE!

Sir Mustache Akina and BB Alicia<3 br="br">

 Alicia:  owh ahh dudu dadada momom gugugu whaaaaaaaaaa pffrrr.... =D

LOL I'll do my best to translate: Hello,let me introduce myself, my name is Alicia, 8months old,new member in Dini family, and these Aunty around me love to feed me weird drinks (kit chai ping,ling mung ping etc) and watch my facial expressions change! but I love them =D

p/s:  kit chai ping = lime juice,ling mung ping = lemon juice

Le sir Sarah mommy!!

and SIR ME!!!

and dis one is the mastermind bhind all the mustache face!!! Sir ZiZhen

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mirai contest

so I've join this competition last week, kinda last minute one, spend 3-4days slacking around, working on my other commission and wahlaaaah~ completed another master piece!! LOL

 yay finally can has pixiv acc! and my 1st art work in it, #mirai_contest

末永みらい,my very 1st Mirai Suenaga fan art!
for Danny Choo X Pixiv Mirai Illustration Contest, OMG I WANNA WIN THIS! I CAN WIN THIS! *finger crossed*


Mirai MeidComplete Version =D
 And line art version

 Wallpaper version right click to downloaded at 1900x1080 HD resolution