Saturday, September 1, 2012


HAPPY MERDEKA DAY!! Happy Birthday to my country Malaysia and to all fellow Malaysians =D
And YAY to OTAFUSE, another Anime, Games, Comic & Cosplay culture event exhibition in Sabah! And it's happening tomorrow!!! \(^o^)/ can you feel my excitement?!!

The word “OtaFuse” derived from the word “Otaku” & “Fusion”; which means the event is a combination of various hobbies for fans to gather and share their common interests.

OtaFuse is back with more fun and stuffs!

Date: 1st - 2nd September 2012
Time: 11am-9pm
Venue: Star City North Atrium, KK, Sabah

Anime Challenge
Cosplay Solo Competition
Cosplay Duo Competition
Cardfight! Vanguard Tournament
Doujin Market
Band Performance

And Awesome prizes await you!

Most OHSUM is? Need some make-up for your cosplay but don't know how? Fret not as there will be a booth that provides Make-up Service specially for Cosplayers during OtaFuse! RM25++ (Price may vary) Don't  forget to check out their booth molo and sunday =DDD

And yes of course Shibudoru109 is joining OtaFuse THIS YEAR for the 1st time! say YAY!!!
or else no point for me to blog dis rite? lololol

So here are some of the items I'm going to sell molo ;)

Colorful Spikes Headbands

One spo inspired neko headband

NEON mini spikes headbands!!!

Everyone's favorite aka BEST SELLER OF THE MONTH! Juria inspired flower headbands!! weeeee~

See how i wear it =)

And how Juria wear it! =DDD

pretty rite?! 

haha so you know what to do? *wink wink* VISIT MY BOOTH MOLO!!! muehehehehe

 See ya there!!! ^______^