Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Rainbow, Ombre

Oh I love hime hair+flowers head band+purple combination very much!

Juria my inspirations~

OMG OMG RAINBOW HAIR! but I like to call it UNICORN HAIR! 


Looks like Paddle pop ice cream =X


these unicorn color are super Fuuuuuu*tuut* #^&@*$(@(*#(*$!@ c PRETTAY!

Any Saloon in East M'sia wanna sponsor me unicorn hair color?? I'm nao a half ,still in transformation UNICORN! lololol =D

Saturday, July 7, 2012


YAY! finally have my own Instagram account and I'm totally addicted to it nao =D

Ohai~long time no see!!! here are some recent pix of me!

 custom made acrylic name necklace from Didepux

shows off =p 

New kicks! ♥

Just me being vain

le Bro and Bf hardcore gaming in the middle of the night

One of my fav dish from sushi zanmai~

Spikes headband available in black,white,pink from Shibudoru109

Dinner with the boys at vivo time square

Trying Auntie Anne's pretzel for the 1st time, late nite snack in the hotel!

trying my luck on some gachapon machines!  T_T obviously luck is totally not siding me all my tokens jammed inside

lunch at Santouka! best ramen EVER!

Brunch, Matcha toast which taste rily TBowl

 Toilet bowl meal at Sungei Wang Tbowl !

And the boys meal! Look so yummy omai compared to my mold look alike toast! =___= damn regret

another vain pic with my new spikes headband!!

 Cone of shame 1

my precious little Junior just got spayed last week kelian...

Cone of shame 2 =p

Monday, July 2, 2012

Another Milky Bunny

Album Added  to my collection!!! If you're a regular follower, you've probably noticed I'm a huge fan of Tsu-Chan and yaaaaay I've collected all of her CDs include a limited milky bunny Tee by Spinns!

Shows off time 

Milky Bunny first full length album - Front Cover


02. PARADISE CALLING (Produced by Kaji Hideki)
03. BunnyDays
04. Canvas (Produced by Matsui Ryo)
05. Zurui yo…
06. Baby Sugar
07. IWish (Produced by Matsui Ryo)
08. Song for…
09. Haru Iro
10. no shape of love
11. Step by Step (Produced by Hidaka Toru)
12. Milk Shake SOS! (Produced by TAKUYA)

Luv the Alice in the Wonderland concept design! + Limited edition photo book~ I rily like how the Japanese design all their packaging,damn NICE!!!


Photo Album Contents...

Tsu chan looking kawaii as always!♥

It's full of BUNNIES!!! I mean half bunny half human lol