Wednesday, May 23, 2012

lookbook 32


Hello everyone! Just a super duper short update of my coord pic that I forgot to post oops~

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Just added some new items to the store ^^

Monday, May 7, 2012

Shopaholics Bazaar 2012

Finally I'm free to blog bout The Shopaholics Bazaar that I've joined 2weeks ago!

 Thanks to the Pretty.Wild.Diva teams, I thoroughly enjoyed my days at the Bazaar! ^_____^
(Picture heavy post!)

and these are all the stuff i sell...


Hello Kitty candy deco specs RM10 each (ALL SOLD)

detachable collars RM15-25 (ALL SOLD) , feather earrings RM25 (Still Available)

Liz Lisa pumpkin shorts RM30 (SOLD)


 La Riche DIRECTIONS semi permanent hair color in carnation pink RM30 each (Last tube available)
great for ombre hair ^__________^

camho pic No.1

camho pic No.2 

with Tsubasa's Headstar knitted cap in purple, still available btw, selling at RM50 ONLY NOW! =D

camho pic No.3

with Tsubasa's Headstar knitted cap + Hello Kitty spec

camho pic No.4 with le bro

camho pic No.5 with le bro again lol

camho pic No.5 with boyfie

candid shot i took of Rendy when i was bored hahaha

Aah Oops... =X  He noticed

Rendy and Bev

my turn to take pic with one of the OHSUM organizer of the event!

colorful dream catchers from Nightmare Catcher

kawaii phone straps and cases for iphone from Nicole Palace

pins, badges....all handmade

lazy me tweeting on phone =p

the laziest one gaming behind!!!



Paintball? O.o

Peak hour

Deannerd Maria from Deanna Maria's Closet

super cool pixel D.I.Y cupcake and strawberry necklace!


Day 1 coordination,  kid's top from somerset bay, YAY~it fits me perfectly! Ho Ho Ho

too bored can die when there is no single customer! 

and suddenly 3 wild girls appears come and ka ka cau cau my stuffs lol!!!, was just trying out some of the accessories for... 


of course....ehem ehem *cough*


 Day 3's look, skipped  day 2 cause it was kind of busy on that day till I forgot to took a picture of my outfit  =(


and it's clearance day! super cheap right?! 老板娘发疯了,大清货!!!

Mommy came to visit with "TAPAOS" for us aww~sankyuu mommy

Rendy again! with paintball gun.... oh well BOYS =____=

There's a piece of paper.. And 2 marker pens.. Produced a SOGEKING WANTED POSTER .

Drawn by the very very boring BOYFIE!

Crazy sales on last day!!


this booth owner is crazy! =X

my favorite girls~ So happy to meet them again this year they are soooooooooo young and gorgeous I'M JELLY!!!

Aged auntie VS young teenage girls Q____Q

lazy kuli never help me one =__="

Rest photo are taken from Meitzeu's blog

Bev , me , and Charlotte

From Beverly's Blog and Facebook

with my 2 kulis lol


Meow~ haha Meitzeu look super kawaii with her Maneki Neko pose (Fortune cat)

me look so mehhhh... =_____= maneki never smile liddat one so scary!