Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pastel Hauls

gonna flood my blog with lotsa lotsa pastel color pic hehehe =p

Super love my new lavender hair

Kitty Tee from Dazzlin , MAD LOVE all the latest spring summer fashion in Tokyo! lucky Japanese T__T

YAY~so glad I made my decision to buy this adorable kid's tee haha, it fit me perfectly!

pastel floral top and SUPER CHEAP purple denim shorts I got from the SHOPAHOLICS BAZAAR! 
RM20 for the top and RM5 for shorts!!!!! CRAZY MAN,DAMN CHEAP RIGHT?!!

Pink polka pumpkin shorts from Dazzlin, Dress from Rosebullet, and ruffles shorts from Gelato Pique.

Peach leopard printed knitted top from Bye Bye, Pearl collar Lilac top from Allamanda, Pastel leopard cardigan from Etam Weekend.

Colorful bows bag from MILK


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I ♥ Bazaar

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Calling all Bazaar Lovers and Shopaholics!

The Shopaholics Bazaar is BACK!!

*SCREAM like nobody business*

Yup~ ME, Magu chan and Shibudoru109, as the most happening vendor *cough cough* are happy to inform that WE will be joining the Shopaholics Bazaar AGAIN!!!

I.C.A.N.T.W.A.I.T  to meet all the old/new vendors again!!!  \(^o^)/

click for larger image  

The bazaar will be running for 3 days and will be happening in CP K.K!

WHEN? April 20 - April 22 

TIME? 11:00am until 10:00pm 

WHERE? Palm Square, Centre Point, KK

For more Info please Join And Like :

Booth Location: Visit our BAZAAR Booth HERE!

click for larger image

Items you can find @Shibudoru109:



And thats not all!! Guess what?! SHIBUDORU109 will be having a SUPER BLOWOUT SALE on this weekend, with lotsa items that not up in blog yet!


This special offer is only valid for 3 days (April 20 - April 22)!!!  HOW can you miss such GREAT bargain?? Bring along your pals,boyfriends,girlfriends,moms,dads, and MORE CASH of course! hehe....Join us on this Fri-Sun, have fun exploring and fill up your shopping bags with all the great fashion goodies at the Shopaholics Bazaar 2012!

Tell the world about it! See you there!!!

Check out the Shopaholics Bazaar 2012 short video, its OHSUM! =D

Happy Shopping! 


Saturday, April 14, 2012


Hey, it's been awhile since I blogged something proper like vain pics? ahahahaha!!
Seems like I've taken a long long break...I really miss my blog and all my precious ready alot =( 
Forgive me.

I've been working on a lot of stuff lately, plan on startin a small business, hardcore earn money, preparing stuff for the upcoming Shopaholic bazaar, doing some housework daily, cook 3 meals for the family etc...YES you read it RIGHT! I COOK!!!  And I'm living like a maid, a kuli, hamba, slave at home lololol nolar just joking.

Okay let's just cut all the crap and enjoy your stay!! hur hur hur~ ( ´∀`)

 Hipster shade!! *LOVE*

Coordinate of the day : This was my look on last Sat when I headed out to town with le boyfie and bro.
(except the sun glasses) Cardi from Etam Weekend, Kitty Tee from Dazzlin, Bag from Candy stripper

I'm just too bored wandering around while waiting for my bro picking his tee shirts in Brands Outlet until I saw a rack full of colorful sunglasses zomg hehehehehehehe, non stop trying and camho to kill time!! And i bought the one in CANDY PINK color =D

Spotted this vintage tee in MetroJaya Somerset Bay, fall instantly in LOVE ♥ Lavender color is LOVE shud I get it?  SHOULD I ???! Guess what...It's a kid's shirt haha but look at the size!

I have dis flip phone obsession dunno why. I do want a smartphone but, but...i just couldn't help it!
My previous LG Ice-cream killed itself this is My new baby! 

 #Remember having Flip Phone Swag? LOL

And YAY! Rainbow color lens are nao available in K.K!!! *Quickly grab a booklet and snap pics to show Cheesie* haha but they only sell in plano so I terpaksa lah order from

and the lens just reach me today =) will post up some photo with my new rainbow color lens soon! 

P/S:  the lenses are very comfortable to wear!!!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter