Wednesday, February 29, 2012

lookbook 31

Outfit pic that i forgot to post, its from last year =p
Wore this on the 1st day of Hobbycon 2011.

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Monday, February 20, 2012


 Just another crap post dat I wanna show off my Vday pressie from boyfie =p 

 unattractive packaging.....


I was like.............. =___="

awww~~~I LAP YOU SO MUCH hubby~~*sweet*

and then i was like......


First Press Limited Edition somemore!!!

Why is he being so sweet to me lately?!! tooooo sweet to be true! must be cheating on me or wat!! FUUUUUU.jpg

#Annoyinggfsyndrome LOL

 some piccies that we took in the past few years

 some ugly piccies that might make you puke cereal haha

Sankyuu dear ^_______^ you are the best! 
nah, I don't need designer stuff all those expensive shit (but I'll still take it if u buy me one LOL) and no ROSES pls its just a waste of $$ and only tahan for 1week....
Just promise that you won't: leave me cheat on me look at other bitches especially boobies bla bla bla never ending list......
I'll be very very satisfied!! =D

If you are reading this...

 Happy Belated Valentine's Day and 

wishin YOU and your partner stay lovey dovery forever~!!


Saturday, February 18, 2012

lookbook 30

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And some other piccies that I really really LIKE!!

meet my most precious dotter~ Oreo Junior *heart*
she's super uber cute I LOVE her sooooooooooo much like my own kid lol....
"You bring great happiness for me *hugs hugs*love ya my little Junior thank you~"'

gonna post up all her cute photo in here soon!! Kitty photo spam hehehehehe ;p
tell me If you like kitty too...I need more tips on how to raise n train my Junior, I'm trying very hard to train n adjust her to be an indoor cat =(

Friday, February 10, 2012

lookbook 29

2nd in 2012.....another wedding that I've just attended last week, 2nd this year, in the same outfit LOL too much surprise wedding till I hv to recycle my dress...swt =..=" shall stock up more one piece instead of  2pieces.

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 Close up + Camho


the loved ones

Congratz to Willie san...and emo him at the same time, cuz i have to set hair by myself for the 1st time for a wedding dinner,reason? Cuz the groom is my hair stylist himself.....grrrr

ok I know dis sounds very sakai but paiseh this is my 1st time trying FORTUNE COOKIE!!! and thank you Mr LUCK, make sure you keep your words okay~I'm tired of worrying every single shits all the time!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

CNY-Gaya Street

pretty pictures that I promised to share with you guys, all credited to my beloved boyfie Magion aka John and his new Nikon which will be mine SOON hehehe, san kyuu~ XD

Location: Gaya Street K.K

I love Chinese Lunar New Year night market! You can find lotsa yummy foods and drinks here, friendly hawkers, good stuff weird stuff unique stuff watever stuff you ever see or never see "HAM BA LANG" can be found here!! hahahaha...ham ba lang means all sorts of things in HAKKA.

And can I not love the CNY decoration along the street?!! soooo KIREI~!! I really enjoyed the atmosphere of Chinese New Year here.