Thursday, January 26, 2012

lookbook 28

Yaay finally~New outfit piccie for Lookbook!! background looks beautiful isn't it? =D
Taken one day before CNY eve at Gaya street night market, had lotsa fun walking around, taking pictures, enjoyed the night with boyfie and his sis. Gonna share more piccies with ya all when I'm free later, or mayb days later =X

till i blog again~~

Happy Chinese New Year and Don't forget to HYPE my new look<3 san kyuu!!!

Bai Bai *Love*

Monday, January 23, 2012

This is how....

my make up table look like after spring cleaning yesterday =D
 super love it!! haha...well just a chinese new year crap so update not going to blah much....

 I ish Ohsum!! so proud of myself already so busy preparing all the cny stuff for family still can clean my own room! I am a SUPERWOMAN! looool

Tsu chan's little corner ♥ hmmm...anyone wan the pink Tsuyagla? =X thinking bout selling it,brand new!! mail me if you are interested ;) *wink wink*
okie dokie dats all for nao........shall head to bead asap!!! going bck to hometown molo early in the morning for the sake of ANG PAUS!! tata.....and Good Nite!

Wishing ya all wishing you all a happy and prosperous + wonderful Chinese New Year, Gong Xi Fa Chai!! 2012开心乐龙龙!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Le Year of Dragon!!

I got my head hit again...EXTREMELY hard this time!!
I went out and join a mountain and sea of very ridiculous people and do something extremely crazy zomg guess wat!!! I just queue for FIVE GOD DAMN HOURS for a GOD DAMN Dragon plush toy!! 

It's a "Happy Dragon 2012" plush toy limited production by My Astro (MY Astro开心乐龙龙)
Almost every single breathing human in whole Malaysia went crazy over this little fella I don know y...and wtf is wrong with me I'm super kiasu so must follow the trend oso lar haha

so I rushed down to Suria around 3.30pm+ after i got a call from bro told me that there was already quite a few people queuing in front of Eu Yan Sang waitin, dafuq so early?! Event start at 8pm but ppl start queuing at 2pm? like...seriously?

Pic credited to a fren of mine who Q in front of me, these are the 10 early birds queuing in front of me!

3hours later O.o

and FINALLY!!! I just brought home A HAPPY DRAGON Plush Toy!!
Say hi to my new friend~Long Long!! =D
I borned in the year of Dragon =) and Its also the year of Dragon this year! guess that make a little sense hohohoho~~ Q-ed for 5hours to buy my own Chinese zodiac Animal lol

bout my new hair color, It faded a little and they look soooooooooooo bubblegumish, don't know why color turned out liddis, quite different from what i had expected but nemai I still like it very much, happy with the resut! and water turns pink every time in the shower makes me HAPPY too haha!!


 Prizes that I've won from the CandyDoll Makeover Contest. Just on time for CNY!!


 I'm Selling these 2 above, RM55 each, email me if you are interested  ;)

Lipstick in Ramune Pink, Lip gloss in Milktea Beige

 New Haul~

 Yay~color bug from Kevin Murphy in Pink!!! I can has 1day ombre whenever I like in the future XD

 Another pair of new white Moccasin flats! White shoes are my forever Obsession!!

Saturday, January 14, 2012


as known as Dip-dye end or Two-toned hair

Ohai everyone~~just to let u know dat I'm still alive heeheee...guess wat! Just got my hair done @WhiteSaloon, nao I can has very pretty hair color, thank you for the hard work Willie san =D

 *lol i look bald*

camwhore with bf's iphone while the stylist patiently washing off the extra color on my hair =D

I'm very pleased with the result of my hair color, the pink look stunning!! 
haha well actually this is not the color I desired of course, but since there are still a week plus to go till CNY + washing blowing hair will cause hair color fade alot faster so Willie san suggest me to go with darker pink color, can last longer~ 

which means hair color shud look liddis, or similar.........7days later? =D

sweet looking macaron pink color^^ yes this is what i want!!

How do you guys like it? so this is how my new hair going to look like on this upcoming Chinese New Year! Yippy~me so likey♥

more Ombre's hair piccies that I found on the internet...enjoy:

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Addiction!!

EYEBALLS~~from Candy Stripper!

I've recently got the itch to change my style a lil from Shibuya gyaru to Harajuku street style lol
and these are my new hauls which I ordered online, most of them can be found @ 

The unique creepy designs quickly caught my attention hahaha

New shoes!! from Pou Dou Dou Japan.....can't resist the charm of moccasin flats

top from W♥C 

more from W♥C

more more more more more~~~~~ from W♥C

my favorite!!! Knitted top with tiger print from Dazzlin!! ROAR~

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, wish I can just fly to tokyo and grab all the Fukubukuro, SALES are everywhere!! =(  it sucks to be a Malaysian sometimes, less nais clothes, boring fashion, dang expensive.........sigh

Fukubukuro Japan 2012 - Harajuku & Shibuya

someone pls buy me a W♥C Fukubukuro pls~~~~>.<

*wink wink*

Have you seen the latest design of Dolly Wink Otona Kawaii style collection?? =DDD
omaigosh they look so adorable I rilly like it!! gonna lay my hand on some of em after Chinese New Year hehehe....SOON!

女神!! My goddess ♥(・x・)oo Oh god how can such beauty exist in the world I can become lesbian just by looking at her!!! Oh god y u no make me look so dolly like her?! Q__Q

6 New Dolly wink Falsies

 Eyebrow Mascaras 

 Eyebrow Pencils

 Eyebrow Powder

Eyelash Fix 

Eyelash case~~~

everything look so Dolly~!! cant wait to try all of the lashes, they look much more nature and shorter compared to the old version one. And yay~~ I can has eyebrow pencil and powder in very light shade now!!! its rily hard to find such light brown color brow pencil in my country here so yippy yippy~no more fugly dark brown brow, looks rilly suckie with light color hair =..=

New Dolly Wink Commercial, enjoy~Tsu-chan looks rily young and cute in the vid! must watch!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ohai 2012!

Happy New Year 2012 everyone~wishing you a very very prosperous new year.
Thank you very much for making my past year so OHSUM!

Please be kind to me this year too!! ♥ ^^

Akemashite omedetou! 

あけましておめでとう !