Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy Belated Christmas

My Xmas pressie for Him: Kumatan couple mugs

His Xmas for Me : =)) thank you dear

Happy (BELATED) Christmas and
Have a Wonderful start of 2012 TO EVERYONE!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Can i have your attention pls?

so I've joined this Have Fun With CandyDoll Makeover Contest Entries which held by SASA MALAYSIA recently, And… the voting just started 2days ago, so please cast your precious vote by clicking "LIKE" on my picture HERE if u haven't hur hur hur...

*finger crossed* and lots of LOVE♥

guess this explained why i haven't blog for such long time, I mean a proper long post =X
Honestly its the Prizes that 1st caught my attention to join this contest.
The entry with the most like will walk away RM500 worth of CandyDoll products and RM300 in cash. The first and second runners-up will receive RM300 in products and RM200 in cash.

WOWOWEE~I'm already drooling in front of my screen imagining cement my face with all those liquid foundation concealer face powder everything!! muahahahaha *EXCITED* and i can has extra $$$ to buy some new clothes for New Year and Chinese New Year too!! 

Mad excited but feeling so embarrassing at the same cuz i keeeeeep spaming on everyone's wall in facebook, and I know its really annoying when all these annoying chicks keep on joining all these shitty competition in fb these days and spam your wall or inbox asking for "LIKES" and yeap I rily dislike it!!! so....yea....probably hit by a car or knocked my head or somthg and i lost consciousness/went crazy bla bla bla
today I bcame one of these annoying chick that annoys everyone in fb =X 
I'm sorry...pls don't hate me >.<

I feel like I'm the luckiest person in the world!! everyone has been very very kind and generally supportive in casting their votes!! =D
you all are wonderful~REALLY!! Million thanks for the "LIKES" I really appreciate it! 
everything went soooooooooooo well and soooooooooooooooo kan cheong untill   


some very NASTY wild woman comes out of nowhere,startin to act all justice and smart enuf to judge my picture!!! I tell you this woman's comment is EPICALLY stupid! with her retarded rotten brain, she try to act like a smart detective,investigator and wrote a long nasty comment in my entry saying dat I'm a fake!! insulted me for being so shameless using fake unoriginal edited photoshopped picture to enter the contest and shamelessly deceiving everyone with my fake edited act cute picture.....
and it's not fair to the other contestant cuz I'm cheating I'm fake and i don't deserve the name of candy doll gyaru..........bla bla bla bla bla.....

OH HELLO? your trolley pushing profile picture doesn't make u gyaru either~
like you really know the definition of gyaru very well.....Gyaru is about A Culture! Trend! Fashion! Spirit! not good looking faces or pretty photos!!

worst of all....she went and dig my "UGLIEST, UNGLAM, SHOWING LAZY FACE, OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES" photo that my friends SIMPLY SNAPPED with cellphone tagged me quite long ago in my facebook! 
And than cropped my faces frm the pic and upload in imageShack then post them in my entry to prove her right~ 
this one must clap hands!! *claps* for ur hard work and effort for trying to bring me down.....

And she also claimed that she ever saw me in real person somewhere around town and I look totally different compared to all of my photo in fb including the entry's photo?? 
saying that I'm not a good looking person with big head and big nose in real life! O.o omaigosh which eyes or ears of you saw/heard I praised myself pretty? good looking? or Cute? 

I wonder y,there are soooooo many new photos that strangers tagged me recently during all the events I've attend which i blive most of them are ZERO EDITED (except lighting and smoothed skin), so y don't u compare those huh?? die die wan to go dig out those ugly pic of me?

Is this your only talent Miss K****** C*** ? I'm not going to reveal her identity here you all can go 3838 kepoh kepoh check her out in my entry =..= can't blame her, she has no sense of beauty and lack of some photography knowledge,  yes of course I admit that i edit all of my pictures sooooooo? I touch up my skin, cover my dark circle pimples anythg, smaller my nose, and sometimes jaw if need SOOOOOOO? just a lil touch up not changing my entire face feature okay!!
btw am still keeping a set of raw~fresh~untouch~ps free~pictures that i shoot for this entry.

Come LET'S COMPARE =DDDD see and judge how BIG difference between Unedited Version and Edited Version till u wanna insult me like dat!



Hair styles+Make up+Pose+Expressions+Angle +Downward Angle!
which gives optical illusion to a thinner smaller face/nose/body EVERYTHING!! Learn more bout it!! and don't forget to learn some manner too hater~

and im sorry i dont think i see any RULES or requirements of the contest entry saying picture dat submitted MUST 100% ori natural unedited ps free^^ am my picture deceiving the others? or just you? my dear?

it's really breaking my heart sometimes when some nasty person is trying SO HARD to bring you down...I wonder why there are so many horrible mean person in the world? sad.....
all I want is join the fun, leave some ohsum memories later and trying to win myself some free product and cash *cough cough*  who doesn't love free stuff anyway right? lol *blush*

wat can i say? Haters really gonna hate~ so I shall just....IGNORE, move on, and WIN this contest!! (hopefully) hehe

so....I really need your help guys~~"LIKE" my picture HERE HERE HERE HERE HERE!

Honto Ni Arigato!!

Update: hater deleted all her hate comment in my entry lastnite and then post them directly on Sasa's wall and then.....she deleted them again =X so drama end?


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

lookbook 27

Outfit set that i wore on HC day2 =D
this has to be my favorite outfit combination ever, L.D.S for the win hahaha!! HYPE if you like it san kyuu~

Cardigan - L.D.S. x Tsubasa Collab
Long sleeves shirt in light blue - L.D.S. x Tsubasa Collab
Skirt - L.D.S. x Tsubasa Collab
Socks - Sox world
Loafer-pumps - Bata

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Are you ready for Hobbycon 2011??  

 The 5th and the Biggest Hobby Convention in East Malaysia

Ladies & gentleman! and to all gyarus in KK, We are proud to announce to you that 

Shibudoru109  is joining Hobbycon 2011 this Saturday and sunday with GREAT SALES!!

So don't wait any longer, COME grab your favorite pieces this Saturday and Sunday while stock last!!

Stuff For Sale:

Apparels from W♥C, Liz Lisa, LagunaMoon, smork etc...

SUPER cool fashion Jewelries such as armor rings, vintage rings & bracelets, D.I.Y studs...

Kawaii accessories like Hello Kitty spec, hair bows, colorful bows & ties, knit hats...

and some toy plushies too =D



Hobbycon + Engetsu+ Shibudoru109?? HOW AWESOME!!!! XD

Hobbycon booth map:

Get your costume / performing / fighting skills ready 
cuz you definitely won't want to miss this awesome event of the year!

HobbyCon2011 Trailer :

 And team Engetsu Has picked the TOP 3 finalist for the "Go Green Character Design Contest" !


The winner will be announced at the Hobbycon 2011 Event during the prize giving ceremony on the 11th Dec 2011 @ Suria Sabah .

see ya on this sat and sun!! xoxo