Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Treasure hunting!


Wanted to join the first Shopaholics Bazaar as a seller, but couldn't? Still wanna try your luck? Well, good news, Here's your chance!! there is a mini version of Shopaholics Bazaar on the 29th of October (this Sat) in Imperial Hotel, Warisan Square.

The Pretty.Wild.Diva is looking for 5 sellers only! Be quick and confirm with them by emailing pretty.wild.diva@gmail.com

check out my Shopaholic Bazaar post 1 , 2 , 3 here!!

So I will be selling apparel from Shibudoru109.blogspot.com , just some not all since the theme is PRELOVED treasure hunt, i shall just stick to the theme and try to get rid all of my VERY NEW 2nd hand (wore/used like 1-2times only,) clothes, bags, shoes and accessories on that day, don't worry everything is still in super AWESOME condition!! and some tailor made dress,evening gown,cheong sam,kebaya frm JUNE'S FASHION & TAILORING too  =D


This is gonna be FUN!! a ROOFTOP shopping?? note your calender, break ur piggy bank and come come come hunt your favorite treasure, lets shop like no tomorrow!!

brought to you by The Pretty.Wild.Diva 

UPDATED: More Directions!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

KL day1

finally I'm free to blog bout my 5days short trip to KL~~haha
was on a business trip to west Malaysia with the bf and other 2 travel buddy,bf sis and her fren months ago, 3ladies and a poor slave muahahaha!
well its actually a sudden unplanned trip and kinda last minute too, din bring much stuff or plan for the outfits and etc =X so I just pack few pieces of my fav tops,inner wear,shorts,shoes and a straw hat with a very small travel bag den *FLY*
not enuf clothes?...buy there and WEAR! lol
In the end i came home with a new big luggage and a super large shoulder bag just to stuff my BIG LOOT~shiok!! ( ゚∀ ゚)

look of the day~ think i overslept, make up is light and lips still dry pale face, I hate it why everytime travel have to rush like hell =.=

 browsing tru the AA's (AirAsia) menu to get myself some unhealthy morning snacks heehee

 view frm mah window~ the sky looks beautiful on that dat day, clouds look like a huge waves rushing down to the beach

the bf and I, spot the man bhind? haha

and finally touch up my make up and put on my new eyelash, 
pic took inside cab and yeap~we're on our way to the town!!

 the very messy one is my bed =X Oops...

changed outfit and ready to head out again!! ITS SHOPPING TIME!!

Top and Spec frm WC

checking his outfit n fixing his hair, more vain than me lor *tik tok tik tok clock is running and I'm waitin~~*

 Yosh!! Ikimashou!

oh wait...must camwhore 1st 

 back to the hotel after dinner and had taiyaki ice cream for dessert yum yum~

and try out the nose patch i bought frm sg wang plaza Etude house

lol i look bald and no eye brows XD

and some other artsy pix i took in the room when im bored

feel sad lost some of my pix especially hauls and food pix T_T oh no...and some other stupid/interesting shopping pix in the mall and on the street (just realize) that I wanna share with ya all...sob sob

to be continue....................

Friday, October 21, 2011

良かった ~

I was worrying like a mad little fan girl couple days ago when i heard the news that my fav gyaru model Tsuchan & her husband Umeshan were going to divorce end of this year.... yea i know its common most of the famous ppl, celeb's marriage don’t last that long and of coz It has nothing to do with me, I'm just a little fan of her Q__Q
but still....my heart sank when i heard the bad news, they are like the PERFECT gyaru gyaruO couple in the world!! you can read the news HERE

Thank god it was just a RUMORS!!!  Yesterday both Tsu chan and Naoki both have made a blog posts cleared it up for us!! they are not splitting~~! YAY!


saying that they were shocked to hear about this and of course they are NOT getting divorced.
Yokatta 良かった ~~what a relief or Oh, you can read the news HERE

i love them soooooooo much T_T


Thursday, October 20, 2011


Its not a good thing when you r SUPER DUPER addicted to some very cute money sucker Japan fashion related brand stuffs ya know!!! (I dunno wat im saying LOL) =.= these company damn pro at vacuuming stupid blind poor young CUTE girls money....LIKE ME *super tick face*!! (I dunno wat im saying in this line either) hahaha...yea i bought somthing i don't rily need again, like clothes knit caps bags more clothes and more knit caps and a pair of socks!! FML.. im not rily a hat person buy so many hats caps for wutt?


 I FAILED to resist the temptation...again  Q____Q

My fav brand!! W♥C


TSUBASA × HEADSTAR ★ Bon Bon Knit cap

 so tell me...wats your addiction?? =X


 vain pics to end this very useless haul post hehehehehehe


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shibudoru109 updated!

Remember this?? not Tsu chan not Naoki san >.<
Its the Knit cap !! ahahaha

yeap yeap~ I'm selling this super awesome TSUBASA × HEADSTAR ★ Bon Bon Knit cap at 


available in 2 colors only, Light purple and Pink, check out HERE  for more info and product picture! I know they're quite pricey for a simple wool beanie hat but trust me they are sooooo wonderful and super RARE, it's worth every penny!!

Tsu chan working with Headstar ♪

and some other pic of mai beloved Tsu chan *kissu kissu*

Monday, October 17, 2011

Kumatan Family

OMAIGOSH~! its KUMATAN'S FAMILY!! kawai omg mad love W♥C

I'm insanely in love with WC muahahahahaha guess wat~ 
the bf got me a KUMATAN keki for my buffdae the other day XD

SAN KYUU! *hugs*

will blog bout my trip to KL, Ranau, buffdae memes and some other stuff this week!! all of em!! so stay tuned and don't forget to come back to read! ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

nite all ♥

Friday, October 14, 2011


Ohai dats me on Wednesday newspaper!!

on the right column

gusta level max! LOL

it's an interview bout me,make-up,fashion and some other stuffs

Saturday, October 8, 2011

11.59 PM


Shopaholic's Bazaar Day3

#kkshopaholics bazaar 31th July 2011

seeeeeeee........told ya im a lazy person i delayed my post.....ALWAYS!! havent blog my business+shopping trip at KL and black white cow Ranau trip and bla bla bla...
oh gold i wish i could have more time to really do my own stuff, blog more crap =(

anyway day1 post HERE and day2 HERE

boring face, not much customers in the morning... 

outfit of the day, nautica/school girl inspired

black oxford flats from vincci, bought it during the crazy sales!!

having my breakfast

and fix my lash afterwards, seriously bored to to the core when there is no customers =X

looking over the booth when im away to other booths to kepoh kepoh with other vendors haha XD

best ji mui ever~

skipped my lunch, and yea this is my dinner....cup of not so yummy chicken rice from KFC

useless camho pic of me in middle parting fringe with harlow head piece from shibudoru109.blogspot.com, mail me if ur interested =)

blog again soon =D see ya~