Friday, September 30, 2011

meme and ME

I have an addiction to all these internet memes nonsense lately and these meme trend spread damn fast like virus on facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogspot.... THEY'RE EVERYWHERE orz

anyway these are the memes i found on net, they are so ME!!!
I especially like the FUCK YEA guy and ME GUSTA! which one is ur fav?



dats y i never wan to cut my hair anymore 

In the end i still keep all my rubbish =XXXXXX


 how i achieve tangle-free hair =D


i cry when im mad T_T

Happen alwayz >.<

haha SO TRUE!! never sang it right

im dying.....fml!






that awkward moment....i wan to dig a hole and stick my head in it!


 I have a lot of lip glosses, but never seem to wear them...bcuz...yea dats y

 every month =.=


any idea where can i get a money tree seed?



dats y u can never find me online in fb during day time XD

trust me i rarely pass my math paper =X

FUCK YEA!!!! XD me ish awesome! lol


 always XDD

 robot voice ftw!!!

 BWAHAHA!! does this ever happen to you??!!! XD





dammit =______________=

I love horror movies but im afraid of ghosts



 dats wat im doing nao!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Outing with the boyz

It's been awhile since Me and my bro and John last hang out together, I usually hang out with my girlfriends when we go out because we all get along really well and are all female and female loves GOSSIP XD hahahaha
lately 3of us been hanging out a lot together, we went for movie, lepak lepak+nomz nomz almost every weekend. My bro don have much friends to hang out with most of his fren are Otakus, game kaki, dota group =.= which i think its really LAME....meeeehhh
and he's eighteen nao still no gf wts?! lucky to have John be the person I’m in a relationship with, bro n him bcome really good fren nao yay~ say END to his lifeless gaming life.


 mua beloved tai ngong bro muahaha


and his ghey partner lol

 hey who snap dis candid pic of me =.=

had our lunch at Newyork Newyork one of our fav restaurant at 1Borneo. It's really great that we all get along all that well, I really enjoy(prefer) spending time with the boyz, it's a different experience for sure~ no gossip gossip no kepoh like girls hahaha.

we love to talk and complain bout our life, works, homeworks, haosworks, exam, girls at school, bitches who tried to hook bro up, badass at sch, lousy games, stupid console, body weight how much fat i grow u grow he grow and decide to burn our fats, which day to jog, bad ppl, dogs at home etc very random topic...LOL guyz~

coke float which i don rily like....taste meh....biasaler

this is da BOOOM!! NACHOOOOOOOOOOOOS with cheese and bla bla i 4got the name again!!!

my fav fish and chips, yea im a fish lover =DDD yumz....

ummm.....beef burger? I guess =X  quite forgot, taste is GREAT!

 pineapple chicken chop ahhhhhhhhhh i 4got the name again wts we went there like almost every weekend how come still can 4got!!

 and lastly, CHAMHO PIC heeheeheeeheee #everypostmusthave =DD 

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Art contest

Ladies and Gentleman~


We are proud to announce to you that Engetsu Online is officially launched on 20 Sept 2011!!

Engetsu Online

is a Team community aimed at the next generation and professional artists.

Our main goal is to create a gateway for our artists to communicate,
learn inspire and expose their masterpiece between artists all around the world. Engetsu devoted to all types of art, including traditional, digital, pixel art, Game design , animation , photography, writing and many more.

Engetsu Online

is Organizing A Character Design Contest for HobbyCon Event this year 2011 !
The 5th and the Biggest Hobby Convention in East Malaysia! =D

Celebrating HobbyCon's 5th Year Anniversary , Engetsu Online is Giving a privilege to All sabahan to join this contest and win AWESOME prizes!

This is your chance to put your artistic sense to the test ! Join our Go Green Character Design Contest and win Awesome Prizes! So Get on your Passion NOW and start kicking Great ideas into you design to WIN!

GoGreen Contest 2011

Vision : Increase the Awareness to Save our Earth

Theme / Title : Go Green

Deadline :29th November 2011


Rules & Regulation

-Contest is open for SABAHAN ONLY. [Non Sabahan Participant MUST be present during the prize giving ceremony on 11th Dec or Prizes will be forfeited ]

Event : Hobbycon 2011
Venue : Suria Sabah , Kota Kinabalu.
Date : 10th & 11th December 2011

-Theme / Title of Design : Go Green

-All character designs MUST be original work.

-The Work must not have been made commercially available or won any other prize/award in other contest.

-Characters may be human, animal, plant, alien, robot, elf, dwarf, divinity or Others .

-Characters have to be drawn in full body view in order to show the details of the design.

-Artwork can be in digital color or traditional coloring. (Color recommended)

-You MUST provide both a drawing and an explanation as to how they fit into the theme provided.

-Offensive or sensitive themes are are strictly forbidden (eg. nudity, religion, politics).

-Failure to observe the rules and regulations will result in instant disqualification from the competition.

-Judges' decision is final. Judging will be conducted fairly and there will be no discrimination whatsoever

-Judges will evaluate each Instructable Merits for the following:

a.) Design Creativity

b.) Description

c.) Skills


- x1 GOD OF WAR 3 Artbook [Hot item]

- Ringgit Malaysia 50 Cash

-Engetsu GoGreen Certificate

-Limited Edition Pin-up / Poster


- x1 One Piece Color Walk 5 Artbook [Hot item]

-Engetsu GoGreen Certificate

-Limited Edition Pin-up / Poster


- x1 BookGirl Artbook [Hot item]

-Engetsu GoGreen Certificate

-Limited Edition Pin-up / Poster

-By entering this competition, the participant has understood and will abide by all the rules, terms and conditions as stated.

Entry guidelines:

Please Include Your Full Name ,Age, Contact Number , location and Email address.

Media: jpg

Resolution / size: 300 DPI

Dimension: 3508x2480 or 2480x3508 (portrait or landscape)

Email to :

Entry guidelines:

Media: jpg

Resolution / size: 300 DPI

Dimension: 3508x2480 or 2480x3508 (portrait or landscape)

 Character Design View Guide.

QUESTIONS REGARDING THIS CONTEST?  send Us a message through Facebook Message or email to

Join Engetsu Online on Facebook for more info and updates!!

Hobbycon Website:

Hobbycon  Facebook:

Hobbycon Deviantart:

Hobbycon side web:

P/s: I will be one of the judges of this contest. Good Luck ;)