Friday, August 26, 2011

No more hauls post !!

I promise!!! this will be my last last last last hauls post in this month =X
hahaha too much hauls post recently and i know its...kinda boring...GOMEN!!

finally~MILKY BUNNY ish here~!!


omg.............mad love the album! lotsa kawaii piccies of tsu chan!

last but not least........Kumatan silicone case for iphone4 =DDD

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

more moolah fly...

WC again wtf?! zomg this is the 1st time i feel....damn guilty, feel so bad for spending so much $$ on sooooo much apperal!! BLAME that yogi bear look alike creature....umm....animal? 

 look at the HUGEEEEEEEE package!! half of it are the clothes that im going sell on =D yay~new clothes!! check them out at 5.30pm later and grab ur favorite piece!!

NOTE: these rings are not for sale! all WC's related stuff are mine!! *greedy* nah just joking...
Interested? if anyone wants it, you can send your inquiry to: =) I'll try my best to help you get your fav piece! (anythg u saw in this blog)


you can visit one of my fav online blogshop, they r doing pre-orders for WC and others famous gyaru brand like Liz Lisa, Snidel etc.

 cute badges!

 yay~my fav piece! denim suspender

sigh.......need to tie my own tummy and eat grass for few months T_T no more shopping....*munching grass*

Monday, August 22, 2011

fly moolah fly...

more of my hauls just arrived a few minutes ago  WC
a MUST have gyaru brand XDDDD

kawaii kumatan bear print shirt~

WC sailor sweater in navy blue n red =D

Shopaholic's Bazaar Day1


#kkshopaholics bazaar 29th July 2011

So I join this fashion bazaar last month @Suria Sabah shopping mall, it was an awesome bazaar and i had lotsa fun shopping, rayau rayau around, snapping piccies, meeting new people, and MAKING MONEY!! lol
for those who went to the bazaar ,million thank you for coming & shopping with Shibudoru109! thx for the support~^^
oh and not forget to thx Pretty.Wild.Diva for letting us take part in this fashion bazaar! You divas rock!!!

 dats my table =D

 Partners~ me and mua best sister zhen zhen (◕‿-)

 the bears are not for sale =p

 bunny boy = gay boy lol

more partners~

 shit loads of camho pic

 lol avoiding the camera but still..... *awkward kung fu pose*

must act sohai nomatter wat =X



 BOOBIES~! *grab*

1st customer of the day =D

 met our old fren at the bazaar =D


 super cheap contact lenses

 and bags~

 vintage ringssssssssss!! zomg i want em all!

 bought dis little bug heeheeheeeee

 very friendly vendor~i love em^^


designer's apparel at 80% off?!! yea its true and their stuff are LOVESSS and MAD CHEAP!!

boring gay boy hahaha XD half day has passed we all bcame super bored n tired

 noming my fav mimi keropok dat i stole frm other vendor lololol 

 oh i love these shots *vain* chio pics credit to: Zhen

 doing somethg stupid to kill time

 candid shot of me n zhen discussing somthg not so important

when i realized! XD

more pics on nxt post~stay tuned!