Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Shopaholic Bazaar & Blogshop

Hey hey hey~great news to all fashion lover,fashionista and ALL GYARU GAL,gyaru fan,gyaru lover in Kota Kinabalu Sabah! There will be a fashion bazaar helding at SURIA SABAH 29-31July on this fri-sun and I will be there selling clothes, bags, accessories from my Blogshop  so come come come gimme lotsa support ♥♥♥

MAD EXCITED!!!  I can wear all damn "kua zhang"  fully gyaru from head to toe inside to outside for 3whole days!!!

 A fashion bazaar organised by  Pretty.Wild.DIVA.

Common girls lets join the fun of shopping together!

And don't forget to check out my new blogshop!! I present you......drumroll pls~LOUDER THX~ 

jeng jeng jeng~  

 *my heart and sweat design*

=D yeap yeap~those are the clothes im going to sell on this fri-sun, there r still lotsa gyaru clothes , accessories and bags i haven't upload so be patient will upload em nxt week after the bazaar >.<

price tag design for the clothes and stuff

and the SUPER HUGE bunting!!! I am sooooooo awesome~~ been busy for weeks preparing stuff and crap for this awesome event, 1ST TIME IN KK!! super duper excited omaiomaiomai~~ 

see ya all there this weekend^^ don't forget to fill your wallet full with cash $$

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July babies

The month my dearest twinnie turned 21,oh mai miko you're officially an adult now *tears*

was invited to attend a mini buffet Buffday party at her haos and here's a pretty picture of my sweetheart❤
lol i sounds like a lesbian *blush*


the real twinnie~miko's little twin sisters, Janice and Jodie/Jody/or watever idunno how to spell her name =X paiseh, they look soooooooo cute together awww~~I love to see them dressed in the same cute outfit, fighting over small stuff, playing around like little monkeys lol ❤ but damn hate it when i can't identify them!!! ( ̄(工) ̄) *emosssss*

not much piccies taken on that day cuz im busy like hell helping with miko's hairstayle and her mom in the kitchen after that! LOOOOOOOL WTH Y I OWEZ BCOME KULI ONE?

another buffday celebration 1week after miko's buffdae =.= i can see my purse getting skinnier and dropping weight..NOOO T_T

Pretty cupcakes from Boutique Cupcakes~ tell you they bake SUPER AWESOME MAKE YOUR YUMMY SALIVA FLOW NON STOP STRAWBERRY SHORT CAKE!!!! with super fresh strawberries! the freshness and sweetness of the strawberries OMGGGGG! cant rily explain how it taste like, a morning water droplets mayb? nemai lar....just wanna let you know they bake all cute+yummy cupcakes and cakes *hearts* check out their Facebook @HERE Website HERE

surprise surprise~~! mom (sarah) is busy snapping pic with her cellphone =X

was actually a last minute plan came up by Chiew Yen, she called me all of sudden and ask me to go out and get a cake almost 10 wtf!! where the hell i find u pretty birthday cake so rush and sooooo last minute? couldn't find the cakes she ask me to get so I got some cupcakes =X seeee i bcome KULI again *swt*

 and a Pizza too~LOL

 dad and mom lol

and rest are useless and stupid faces group piccies~


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Yogi bear?

New hauls New collection =DDD

KUMATAN~~~~~~~~~♪  more and more stuff frm W♥C (-^□^-) 
*water closet kuma tee, 福袋 (Fukubukuro) Giant kumatan head bag, and a WC style nerdy glasses*
everything frm wc ish sooooooo cute i can't the cuteness of this YOGI BEAR look alike kuma!! LOL
thats wat my fren 1st react when he 1st saw kumatan: why you like yogi bear?? eeeeeeeeee the bear look like YOGI BEAR lar!! =.=

trying on my new glasses~

Japanese Mook ダブルシー本 VOL.2 catalog and a Free W♥C Large Tote Bag on the right which still inside the box, you can get the catalog @ HERE
and this is how the tote looks like =) nais eh??

btw check out this vid of the mook making:

and last hauls of the month.... Xiao bai no.2 aka small white/little shiro kun LOL 
Jeremy Scott adidas Originals JS Wings Ballerina, my 2nd fav white flats after the 1st minnetonka         

I'm soooooooooooo in love with all the shoes that Jeremy scott designed for adidas !! 
will definitely get another pair of shoes frm  Jeremy scott x Adidas in the future ♥♥♥♥♥♥ 
hehehe the super duper cute teddy? or classic vintage mickey?

 oh look chinatsu has the same pair!!!


Monday, July 18, 2011

May 22

was my Uncle's BIG BIG DAY♥ 
and the next thing im going to do is...........SPAM SHITLOADS OF PICCIES!! I believe photos explains everything and everyone would prefer seeing than reading too rite? ok dats all kthxbye #Lazybloggerexcuse

LOL well these are the photos i snap+edited on my Uncle's big DAY and NIGHT,working as a last minute photographer for free cuz im the only person among my relatives who holding a bulky and pro looking dslr cam seriously i still don get it how come the married couple can 4got to hire a professional wedding photographer on their wedding day?!?! 

 щ(゚Д ゚щ) *WHY?*

omaigot im not a pro, i don hv skills, i dun hv the confident, im not good at live shooting, i dun hv lens or any other shooting tools/cam equipments with me at all! so...i tried my best cincai shoot hoping the pix will turn out okay okay ◘__◘


Uncle is gving out ang paus to? ehh....i think is a relative frm the bride side


writing his vows 

bride's family

 the newly married couple

 groom's family 

  my super cute+hensem little cousin boy *cough cough* who asked me to snap him a lengzai pic which he wanna use it to attract cute chicks in his fb lol~ trick to increase female fren in list hahaha

and 2 camwhore pix of me =X

wed dinner night at Putera: working as a receptionist with sis

 the love birds~

Yam seng session! 

 okay i seriously like this pic but the hands spoiled and i cant crop the pic cuz the image file ish tooooooooo small i 4got to reset the setting of the cam wtf T_T btw they are my lil sis n cousin


 my new boyfran LOL....nolar kidding, he's my bro hahahahaha
#brother always being mistaken as boyfriend

and lastly....outfit of the day~ see those crazy tall heels of mine?!! Try guess how tall izzit?!
clue: me height=153cm,  + heels=166cm

I'm like....running around in the dining hall snapping pictures whole nite frm table to table went up and down on stage in that pair of monster and twisted my leg few times walked like a sotong nearly fell down omg!! damn paiseh and tiring but I'm really glad i was able to help ^__________^
congratulation to my Uncle and his beautiful wife, sincerely wish them a blessing marriage stay lovey dovey foever♥ 

oh and thank you mommy for sewing me such fairybeautiful dress *SUPER LOVE*