Sunday, May 29, 2011

Best twin forever


ITS US AGAIN!! MAGURO AND RUMIKO the gila gila twin, finally we twin reunited again lololol~ got separated for quite some time due to her studies in UNI  (;_;)
and yay~she's nao having her loooooooooong sem break and we seriously need to get more time to rebuild our relationship...need more sibling's ai ai lol ;-p
Its really nice to spend my day with her and just have a good time. we lepak together in town, like usual wisma merdeka is our 1st station, my territory >=D muehehe!! den took cab to cp, warisan to find nom nomz, and we found fish & co! yummeh~

Miko's: pasta dish (woops! 4got the name) =X

My: The Best Fish & Chips in Town!

PICTURES TIME~spam spam spam spam spam =D

having a bad bad day recently =.= sick like no tomolo and i lost my voice AGAIN!!! FML
dats all for today, gonna edit a mountain of my uncle's wedding pix and some SUPER MOE photo shoot pix hehe, take care guys~the weather is freaking hot ohmaigawd!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Lookbook 21

my 1st try wearing long jeans =)
used to hate my fat thigh alot but i'm starting to love it nao hehehe....

Color Lens: Review

Super Barbie Greta 16mm





Over all:
  • Color: 7/10 - noticeable
  • Design: 5/10 - I don't really like the design not my type of lens, a bit too unnatural  
  • Comfort: -/10 -  feel discomfort after few minutes wearing, eyesore..i tot all SUPER BARBIE lens hv the same comfort level but these pairs are just a waste of money(my opinion) luckily i got em for free =X
  • Enlargement: 9/10 - these lens are quite enlarging


Sponsored by: Barbie Lens House



some other camwhore pix that i like

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Lookbook 20

at last, new look updated weeeeeeeee~~ It's my fav UNION JACK printed cardi =D
oh and I tried a new hairstyle,twin ponytails!

Like it, HYPE it! san kyuu very much =)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

miss me? =D

Ohai everyone~just to let you know that I'm still alive,miss ya guys alot!!(really meant it)
and i changed my hair color again, a lil bit darker using liese hair bubble color in ash brown!
the color looks fab and i really like how the bubble dye make my hair less damage! seriously my hair bcome more healthier nao!!! yay~anyway more color contact lens advert coming soon and also your long waited hair tutorial =X sorry for the delay Oopsie~
see ya soon
bai bee~