Friday, April 22, 2011

Review-GEO Princess Mimi

(AKA Tsubasa Masuwaka's Angel color Bambi Series

Desgined by Tsubasa Masuwaka the Queen of Gyaru, also the extremely hot selling circle lens in JAPAN/asia/world right now wore by countless Japanese models.

Here is my short review for the-very-popular GEO Princess Mimi circle lenses (They're the bigger version of the Bambi series) in Chocolate Brown, Sesame Grey and Apple Green which is my FAV! =DDDD
I love the designs of the bambi lenses and I'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOREVERRRR FOR THESE LENSES ever since i fist saw it on Tsubasa and I want them sooo bad! been eyeing them for some time and super happy that GEO repackaged the Angel color Bambi series(Japan version) to Princes mimi YAY~and nao can be found selling around the world!

Brand from SOUTH KOREA: GEO Medical
Usage Modality:  Yearly
BC:  8.7 mm
DIA:  15.0 mm
Water content:  38%
Package:  1 contact lens case included

 Sesame Grey
 Princess Mimi Grey available in (0.00-6.00) degree

 Apple Green 
Princess Mimi Green (Plano 0.00)
-Please take note,Princess Mimi Green comes with only Plano(0.00).

 Chocolate Brown
 Princess Mimi Brown (0.00-6.00)

I am super lucky to be able to try these lenses on! thanks to for granting my wish!(♥_♥)

Over all:
  • Color: 9/10 - absolutely gorgeous especially with make up on!!
  • Design: 10/10 - I really like the unique design and pattern, natural yet noticeable.
  • Comfort: 7/10 - feel discomfort a little after 6 hours+ wearing, didn't feel dry nor irritated, just a lil bit not comfortable.
  • Enlargement: 9/10 - really nice enlarging effect,the largest from Geo!!

these lenses were kindly sponsored by: 


Note: They ship worldwide, watcha waitin for?? get your Bambi color contact lens at nao at.....

Monday, April 18, 2011







不婚主義者, 是还没有遇到的人说的, 遇到了克星根本没有机会说这句..




Friday, April 15, 2011

Magu's gyaru eye make

Deng Deng Deng Deng~~~my 2nd tutorial is up up up up uuuuuuuuup!!
In today's tutorial i will demonstrate how to create gyaru eyes like mine, get your make up tools ready and don't forget the most important thing....both upper and bottom FAKE EYELASHES  =D

start with a fresh clean face free of oils,apply ur make up basa,foundation,bb cream or powder (base tutorial HERE) and don't forget to keep your lips moist with lipbalm, I'm using Hadalabo SHA lip moisturiser.

 Double eyelid tape from SASA.

big eyes really draw big attention, I have natural double lidded eyes but NO,still not enuf for me! I want bigger and brighter looking eyes,so i use double eyelid tape to create deeper and clearer double eyelid.

before: from this t(o_ot)
sux....multiply folded upper eyelid,uneven lid,slanty mono lid etc...

after: to this v(0_0)v
double peace~YAY!

Dolly wink liquid liner.

draw a thin line on your upper lids and wing the end of it a little  =)

apply eyeliner thinner near the corner of your eye and thicker in the middle and thin again at the end. (wing)

I like to extend the wing downwards  and  long to create the illusions of longer n wider eyes.

should turn out like this!
vain pic, hahaha i love my hair kena blow like shampoo ads model lol XD

Maybelline EYESTUDIO eyeliner pencil in dark brown color.

leave some space and line under your lash line instead of lining on top of your lash line,and curve the line in about the half of your eye.

smudge and blend it with a Q tip.

bright yellow eyeshadow as highlighter from Beaute de Kose.

apply light color eyeshadow/highlighter/eye liner (depending on your preference) in the inner corner of the eyes, create watery big eyes effect!

Canmake eyebrow liquid : fast-drying, resists rubbing and skin oils.

haha~I use it to draw sharp line at the eye corner to extend the length.

and don't forget to fill your eyebrows too~^^

tweezer that i use to apply fake lashes

Dolly wink lash glue, gyarus favorite =)

Im using Voce Moda eyelashes. (from sasa too)
apply glue on the edge of the lash line and blow the glue till its half dry.

place the lash in the middle of the eye, leave some space off from the inner corner, put them a little outside on your eye corner to get the natural wing effect,then check and press your lash to make sure your it is secure.

With and without falsies makes a big difference for me =D

its time for bottom lash!! I'm using dolly wink No:5 Real nude bottom lash~
again...apply glue and wait till its half dry.

apply bottom fake lash start from the end of the lash line, place it a little further from your lash line at the ends.

Tips: How to apply lower lashes well?


btw my real eyelashes are too short n thin,almost bald one lol.... so its really easy for me to put on fake bottom lash, so if you have super long and obvious real eyelash, just stick the fake lashes underneath ur real lash,not on the top! cuz its rily painful when u need to remove it or adjust it later! ouchie~ >.<

now on the lips! candy doll lipstick: Ramune Pink
good lipstick and nice color! Its actually a nude lipstick with a tiny bit of pink in it.

cover your natural lips color with foundation or lip concealer before applying lipstick.

Candy doll lip gloss in Milky Tea Beige.
pigmentation: very good  and long lasting!

apply gloss on the center of your lips to make your lips look ticker and pouty <3

Finish Look: woopsie~ 4got to brush on some blusher on my check lololol!! tutorial phail....T_T
So there you have it my dearest readers~Maguro's dolly eye make up tutorial!!! I hope you all like it^^

fuuuuu.....spent few days working working working like mad, brainstorming snapping pic editing blogging etc...MAMAMIA~running out of energy soon...gonna faint and skip all my work and meals to sleep whole day like dead corpse waddafakkk~~!!

note: I'm wearing Princess mimi brown aka Geo Bambi,will blog bout it on my next post! (all 3colors)
stay tuned!! bai bee~

Friday, April 8, 2011

Something useless

gonna start my new job soon on May, and YAY~im one step closer to my plan hur hur hur....
btw stay tuned on my nxt post! gyarus you're not going to want to miss it =DD

Thursday, April 7, 2011

nom nomz@Wojamama

Not sure when they change the name Wagamama to Wojamama...sounds like a Mama's home cook restaurant than a Japanese sushi restaurant nao =X okay lets just forget bout the name...not important one lol.

Mom gave me a Wojamama sushi voucher few weeks ago and ask me go makan myself wtf lol so lonely no one wan to accompany me,am single n lonely here in kk and very despo need alot of kill time partner nao, so i found some kaki (companion) to join me lunch at Star City's wojamama outlet =DD

 Ohai~is me and the jimui <3 Zhen Zhen

and my "lou mou" Sarah XDD

 den Lou dao came to join us bitches later ...hur hur hur~
my Dini gang still the best! best lepak kaki, yam cha kaki, 38 kaki and  love provider kaki ever!!
 sushi plate tower~

 sushi plate tower+ladders LOL

and they gimme THIS again when i ask for the bill omg!! this is how they cheat ppl's money ish ish ish...
spend  RM100 or more on a bill and get a RM50 discount voucher! =..=

 camwhore with  the voucher and plate tower! gonna find more kaki to have sushi dinner again next time!