Thursday, March 31, 2011

confess and gyaru stuff

Hello everyone~Magu here,sorry for not updating in a while >.<
had a rily tough month can't rily put my heart in works and blog and stuff lately...ano...well.....if your not in my fb list so i guess i need to explain a lil in here what's happened in my current life, hur hur hur.....
Decide to let go my current....i mean previous (happened few weeks ago) relationship,and build my own new god damn path changed,everything is in a mess,messy jobs,messy emotions,messy life,messy thoughts, been struggling alot to fix em all myself and make life better and better, sorry to let u all down but things changed  =X  Is okay~don't worry! im fine nao,he's fine and everythg will b okay soon. (hope sooo)

做出如此唐突的决定,实在是很抱歉,让大家失望了。。。但这并不是悲伤的决定!所以请大家不要担心~ 因为我们都知道问题一直都存在着,缘分已尽,说走就走,没有任何阻挠,没有心痛,反而是个解脱!所以我们彼此都过得比之前更快乐哦,关系也变得更像家人那样!相信我,这次的分开是经过大家心平气和两个人讨论之下而决定的,因为彼此都有不同的理想去追逐,彼此都知道自己心中最需要最想念的人是谁,所以才决定放手给大家一个机会去逐梦,去挽回遗憾,去找回已错过的人事物,去为将来奋斗。=)

现在的我,只想努力策划已打乱的计划以及未来! 有太多的事情必须处理,整理。。。突然才体会到一个人真的很难很难很难很难,呵呵~一个决定,改变了所有生活细节,改变了一切。虽然很艰难,虽然很苦,有太多的事情必须一个人去面对,但是我相信我可以的,就当作是个人生培训吧~哈哈

Note: This is OUR respectful decission :) wish both me and him a better future and meet the right one soon! 

 camwhore pic before i dye my hair green ash =X
and nao....ish GYARU time!
pic spamming pic spamming!!!!

Okarie and Ank Rouge!!


Ank Rouge GaL's sch wear!



some screen shot frm not sure which vid clip =X

S-Leg and Palty wallpaper


okay~dats all for nao wish ya all a great day^^
Bai bee!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Hello ! A commission for Playfulotter .A design for his desired Character .
I really hope I captured the right image for his concept *swt* Hope you all like it! Thank you viewing
( •ω• )


If you are interested in commission me , go to this link [link]

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Algae hair

this is my current hair color and it looks like i haven't wash my hair in years and nao it grows all fungus and algae haha...MY HAIR LOOK SO GREEN AND GREY AND BLUE!! orz..............

my stylist suggest me to dye it green instead of grey/silver ash in order to get a long lasting ash color =X well if u r a fan of ash you'll know dat ash color faded super fast and it doesn't stay long on ur hair,wash few times den bai bai returned to yucky gross yellowish orange blonde color which i dislike alot =..=
but with darker green...yea GREEN! with lil bit of ash n dono wat color he mix, let the professional to deal with my clumsy hair since he know my taste so well lol.....and wash another few times den my hair will turn ASH! yea the real ash color without looking like some golden monkey's fur anymore!! so...YAY~imma wash my hair 10times a day frm nao on! hahahahaha

pic doesn't show the right color =X stupid lousy cellphone cam

so I draw a color chart of my hair =X

SEEEE...WEIRD RITE?? lol blive me...this is how my current hair color look like, cool but a lil bit not cool at the same time,this color make me look so pale so i have to pat my face with super tick blusher and gloss or else i'll look like a walking dead zombie on the street =..= mad scary looking at my own face and blue+greeish hair color liddat!
color faded a lil after wash my hair just nao,look less scarier and i think the "ASH" color logic rily works,gotta head down to town and thank my stylist for such awesome suggestion n hair color! 
weee~~~im turning ash soon~~~

oh and...I got my hair color done @WHITESALOON, wisma merdeka,phase 2, 2nd floor
so, just head there and look for Willie and tell him u wan MAGURO's hair color lol

bai bee all and wish ya all hv a great weekend^^ update soon

Sunday, March 13, 2011


SO FUCKING HAPPY I found a way to make my donation to help the victims of the earthquake and tsunami that hit JAPAN.
okay, the Red Cross sms (“REDCROSS” to 90999 ) donation didn't work for us Malaysians, so stop wasting your time retweeting or trying, for PAYPAL user, just log in to your PAYPAL website and you will see it in the main page.

PayPal HERE   
or Alternative link  HERE
or other donation sources HERE

INFO UPDATE: FOR CREDIT CARD USER you can make your donation to International Medical Corp: HERE  
just fill in your info and choose a random state cuz there wasn't selection for Malaysian states but it still went through (-credits to Cheesie for sharing such valuable methods-) SAK KYUU ALOT!

is time to show your love and care to the world and beloved friends out there! 

#prayforjapan #prayfortheworld THE WORLD MUST COME TOGATHER AS ONE!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Hype Hype Hype~~
Look of mine =D

Close up look of my shoes,my current fav flats
super COMFY~!

Super Barbie Sweet-Brown Review

If you're looking for a new pretty and natural looking color contact lenses you're in the right place reading the post nao, hur hur hur.... =D

got this Kumikki look alike color Barbie Brown Colored lenses sponsored by


 Super Barbie Sweet in Brown with 16mm enlargement effect!

Product: Super Barbie Sweet
Color: Brown
Diameter: 16.0mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Water Content: 48%
Origin: Korea

Design: 8/10 very similar to what Kumikki wears,simple design and natural color =D
Comfort: 10/10 super comfy!! can wear em whole day without my Rohto C eye drop,me likey hehe
Enlargement: 10/10 largest lens in my collection!!  

and some other useless camwhore pic....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The Ultimate Vain Twins No One Can Beat!

tons of syok sendiri photo+lame captions post =X

 the bakas..... Maguro and Rumiko

trying to snap a normal and formal pic

 just ignore my belly fats and the weird bone shape O.o

with our signature 'sotong mouth'

 the act cute pose

poses started to go wrong......

v and upside down 'v'

fail heart shape =..=

 seriously out of captions idea jor =..=


sexy pose PHAIL MAX wtf, i kenot pose sexay look like some stupid cacat retard =..=

to talent to be sexy =..=