Thursday, February 24, 2011

Art and Design

Logos/Signboard designs for a client also a friend of mine which i drew 2 weeks ago =D
Congratz to Karen and Yuan on Home Buns grand opening and the new signboard, its actually a surprise Buffdae pressie from the sweet girlfriend to the pastry chef Boyfie~awww *sweet*

HomeBuns design Set 1 (Chosen)

 HomeBuns design Set 2

 HomeBuns design Set 3 

Tell me which one is your favourite? heeheehee =D 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pop Model's Vid

Some MTV i found on youtube which featured 西川瑞希 Mizuki Nishikawa aka Mizukitty, she looks really cute in the vid! 

PV】会いたくて... feat. JOYSTICKK / 三浦サリー

PVメイキング】 三浦サリー「ベビーフレンド feat. CICO from BENNIE K」








Thursday, February 17, 2011

Art work

This is Risty from queens blade , a commission for ,hope you guys love it.

CG style: 2D cellshade+smudge
Tools of the trade: paper, pencil, Ps2 & MOUSE
note: no tablet used, enjoy~ ^^

If you are interested in commission me , go to this link

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Happy Valentine's Day everyone ^___^

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Time flies in a blink of an eye...
I'm only now realizing how much I've changed in 4-5years after looking at my old pictures which i stored in my old friendster and wretch acc =p

its amazing to see how much I've changed, just don't get shock with my old image lol.
i must admit some of it really freaked me out how different do I look just from a few years ago!!

Pinky was my old nick, lol...wat a Ah Lian name =..= hilarious!!  

huge fan of Stitch and collect damn lot of lilo and stitch's merchandise,plush toys...

 feel so paiseh, dont know why i love taking " laying on bed" self portrait, feel so stupid now!

orz.......... lame edit lame design

 dyed my hair brown and cut my hair extra layered =..= i used to gila gila love super layer "less and light" hair style.

another "laying on bed" self portrait

 changed my hair color again, trying to make myself look more korean-ish,I'm wearing wig on the right pic, oh no....gross make up

from Korea Ulzzang transformed into Japan Gyaru.
 a lil chubby,started to grow some fats, bleached my hair, learned how to wear color contacts, trying very hard to learn all those long lash gyaru make up etc..obviously phail kaw kaw super gross to look at my full circle eyeliner!!this is not me right!? 

 still the full circle eyeliner,but very proud of myself cuz i manage create my own bottom falsie,there is no such thing call bottom falsie selling in the market 3years ago.

 too obsessed with gyaru trend XD

 I'm insane, dyed my hair and cut it bob right after i watched "Boys over flower" a korean version Hana yori dango. fell in love with Geum Jandi =X

and this is my current look =D
ps and make up skill improved and looks prettier *cough cough* =p

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dong Dong Qiang

Lion Dance FTW!!
a MUST watch performance during Chinese new year!
again...Happy chinese new year to everyone =D

cant even see a chinese face =..= lol

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

LookBook 18

Top: tailor made frm June's fashion
Bottom: seriously forgot which online shop i bought frm
Shoes: frm
Suspender belt frm
Odm frm Ebay

Too much shopping

is a must !!! For the sake of CNY lol
without realizing i already spent like zilllion dollar on over 10pieces of tops, 5bottoms,1shoes (which havent reach wtf already more than one months but parcel delayed due to festival seoson bla bla bla), 1 top for my dear granny, some for sis and bro,and another zillion dollar gone on the cookies ingredient i bought orzzzz..... *damn pokkai*


here's me current look, going to touch my my ugly black roots and get a new color =D

nom nom at my fav korean restaurant


ugly pudding head, black roots are gross eww

and this is after =D yay~more ashy grey color but only last for one week de lar =..=
damn  love/hate ash color why cant the ash just stay on my hair forever!

and jeng jeng jeng~is time to show off my HAULS!!! 

 tops from nicole, bog sales at nicole so i cincai grab some plain but nice one
suspender belt to complete my ojikawa style which means 'English grandpa like style' the recent gyaru trend in Japan, knee high socks frm sox world, hat frm Esprit (its a pressie =) mad love)


 another ojikawa style long pants =D and a jeans frm radioactive!

 more Ojikawa and Obakawa style top frm SLY 

Ojikawa style is a 'English grandpa like style' 
Obakawa style is a 'Granny like classic style' 

 Polka navy top frm radioactive

 kawaii bunny top for the year =DD

 Vivienne westwood cropped top

 grey knitted top frm Bingo

some 50% sailor style cardi and mickey tee frm wisma, and I'm already wearing one of my new bought top now =X (no pic cuz im wearing it nao!) lol

last minute shopping 1day b4 cny is sooooooooo damn syok cuz all u see in the mall is 50%-70% off ZOMG!! wanna rampas all the clothes lar~!