Thursday, January 27, 2011

Baking day

Just baked some cookies for the upcoming Chinese new year yesterday.

 top: almond cookies, bottom: mixnuts and fruits cookies

chocolate and walnut cookies

and some other cookies like coconut cookies,oatmeal cookies, peanut cookies,butter custard cookies etc...
which i forgot to take pic hur hur hur hur =p
baking mission continues tomolo with mom,and we're going to bake kuih bangkit, pineapple tart/cookies, kuih lidah....and so on
I really love baking but always lack of idea wat shud i bake, mind to share some of your cookies recipes? wanna bake something new but make sure its EASY to learn!! lol

oh and I'm going to bake this awesome looking and yummy 
Chocolate Croissant Pudding with Clotted Cream and Berries

mm...mmmm,yummeh~pudding+melty chocolate FTW!

from Callum Hann, the youngest chef frm 2010 MasterChef Australia...Can I successfully bake it? looks hard and not sure if i can find some of the ingredients in town. will definitely try my best to bake one after CNY!

lastly..............Geek face to end my post of the day!!!



Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm home...omg dead tired!
just murdered my wallet 8hours hardcore shopping in town, and YAY~! bought damn lots of pretty clothes for chinese new year!! actually 80% of em are for my sis and bro, wadda tuuuut *censored* damn those 2 lucky bratz how i wish i have a big sis or big bro so i can manja them to buy me clothes or watever =..= so hey guys~hows your cny preparations going so far?? like spring cleaning, house deco, cny cookies baking, shop for new clothes etc...?
its been a tiring ,exhausted and bone cracking week and I'm now a half zombie already but....there's still another week to goooooooooooo b4 cny omg, cookies cookies cookies!! I must bake all the cny cookies, "nian gao" a chinese glutinous rice cake, and and and....everything nxt week!! *facepalm*

anyway shopping haul's post coming up next...hur hur hur don't forget to share your awesome haul too! sharing is caring, ehem ehem....rite? XD
so...Ja ne ~baibee

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Random Ha Ha picture

Found some old pix in my laptop which might gv u a good laugh lol....

Granny and Bambi's afternoon nap.
dis stupid dog rilly got some nerve n guts to do somthing dat she know she'll get rattan beat after doing it,die die also wan to piss ppl off, die die oso wan to kena beat!! curi-curi sleep on the bed when she hv the chance!! sneakily snap dis pic when both gran n bam sleep like the dead =..=

another sleep like the dead pose!! lol...
this is Mocha...the FATSO!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My dear Kitties

will miss you alot =( of my kitty just passed away this afternoon..."Junior"she is my fav neko,named her Junior cuz she look just like her mom Oreo.
Her twin bro "Mafia" died a few days ago,they both fell sick due to some kind of virus infection from dead ratz,hate the stupid stay cat who brought the dead dirty rats into the house and...sigh
Junior join her twin bro today in heaven and dats it! both gone....kenot sayang them anymore *sob*

Left: Mafia --------------- Right: Junior

 Mommy Oreo

Baby Junior

 mix siamese cat. Top: Junior, Bottom: Mafia

damn sad, I still remember I hug Junior to sleep 2days ago in the living room
we tried our best jaga her,sayang her,feed her,light a candle to warm her up bside her cage in the middle of the night,blanket her,send her to vet and all,but she still kenot make it =(
Rest in peace my babies....bai bai

update: she's soooooooo cute, looking at her picture makes me miss her alot alot alot!! I miss those day when she pur purr purrring around the house,around my legs,I want to rub her tummy so much nao, I want to hug her nao,looking at her innocent cute face will makes me go crazy: awwwwwww~~Junior,aren't you the cutesy patootsy meow in the whole world,aww~ aww~ awww
but she hates it =..= I know...

Friday, January 7, 2011

A Tangled Tale + Artworks

Drew dis piece of Rapunzel fan art last month right after watched the cartoon frm theater =S
I'm a huge fan of fairy tales and all DISNEY PRINCESS =3
Thumbs up to Disney for creating another great story and super pretty Princess , Rapunzel is sooooooooo cute with her fantastically long magic golden hair! I've seen this movie 4 times in cinema and cried every single time but im still not sick of it~ I really enjoyed watching this one! Great story, great animated characters who have heart and soul, great animation, and of course great music too! A great animation can't never be PERFECT without great music!

CG style: air brush 3D style
Times taken: 15hours +
Tools of the trade: paper, pencil, photoshop and mouse
note: no tablet used

Title: Kapukeki Meido
CG style: 2D shellshade
Times taken: 3-4hours
Tools of the trade: paper, pencil, photoshop and mouse

























Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Being A Bridesmaid

again.....yea, 2 times in one year! It was a very fun experience but NOT easy,being a bridesmaid is sooooo fking hard busy stress and drained my bank acc,it is always way more money than you expected to spend! 201o was like a great year to get married I dont know why, more and more people around me are getting married/plan to get married....sob* guess I'm the only one left doesn't plan to get married.
我是个不婚主义者,可也却很想穿上婚纱,当一天的新娘 *矛盾* =(
要爱情还是要面包? 为了生活,我会选择面包。。。面对着现实的社会,创伤,压力,苦日子,我累了。。。
真的 。。。爱情是需要面包的。
Congratz to my dearest friend...Ah Fung and Kit =)
some random shots,test skill shots,artsy fartsy shots of the day...Full of Love.

豪杰&秋凤 ♥ 大日子 wedding17122010 


oh nom nom nom...nasi lemak extra hot and spicy

breakfast for the groom and "heng dai"

 Bitter melon again...yucks!

 The happy bride

outfit shot


 Hebe the pug

I can hear the wedding bells ringing~! I have a bad feeling,more bridesmaid job this year =..=

 xing xing ish so kawaii hehehe

camwhore,make ups and outfit


 Extra pixs from cellphone

having fun in Promenade hotel suite room