Monday, November 29, 2010

My best friend, My family

finally I'm free to update my blog =D
congratulation to one of my bestie aka mom Sarah lol wtf !! Happy Wedding!! yea I call her mommy since high school, me ,Zhen,Akina,Su wen,Shirley and Sarah are damn good friends since junior high, we've known each other for more than 10years, we bitch at each other, sharing all the great and silly times together just like a family.

why call her mom? ok this is a loooooooong story, you can skip this part if you are not interested in my bullshit, but i still wanna share it with ya all cuz this are my precious memories that i treasure in my heart...muahahaha

well, Sarah is the "dai kar jie" like a big old  sister (she's quite gangster actually lol) who always took care of us ,protect us when we kena bully especially me haha! I'm quite naive and gv my trust to everyone easily, and ended up being bullied and used, being taken for granted watever bad shitty things always happen on me cuz of my low self-protection always think that everyone i meet are good person, ppl will treat me well in a return if I treat them the same way too...stupid enough,after so many years I'm still the same, duhhhhh *hate myself*
okay watever, back to the story...we decide to call Sarah mommy cuz she love to nag and lecture us so much just like a mother lol, den Shirley is the "小姨"aunt (mom's younger sister) she's actually cousin of Sarah's boyfren aka current husband lol hope that wont confuse you =X
den Su wen is the elder sister, she's also one of the guardian in the gang, ganas and love to protect everyone just like our mom Sarah, bad thing is she love to bully me and make fun of me!! kena protect and bully at the same time FML! Zhen is the 2nd sis of mine and I'm the youngest brat in the family so everyone call me B!
and now the classic...sibeh stupid and funny, Akina is the last person left who haven't set her position in the family, she was so excited when we announce that Sarah will b the mom and she mistakenly shout godamn loud in the classroom "OH~SARAH I WANT TO BE YOUR MOM TOO❤!!!" we burst out laughing and nod our heads together pointed at her "GRANDMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~~~" and thats the result...she bcame our Ah po forever hahahaha!!!
"oh,Sarah i want you to become my mom too~" that's wat she actually trying to say. STUPIDDDDD!

They are the best friend in life, and I love them very much ❤ =)

-Story ends-

Sarah's Wedding Day

 schedule of the day  here

 70% nude face of mine wtf

 the GRANDMA!! lol

 the noms and stuff that we bought frm whole day shopping in the market and mall...mad tired and hungry but can't eat and rest cuz we hv damn lot of thing need to prepare before morning comes plus the noms are not for for the groom and his "heng dai" (brothers) *swt*

 80% lemon,10% jelly,10% water wtf damn sour can?!! eat this and your face confirm 抽筋!

lazy bum! ke poh on her fb while me and zhen die die doing all the squeezing lemon job in kitchen...

red hot chili sushi!!! kinda yummy actually but after the yum your tongue and mouth will turned numb bcuz of the spiciness!!

damn fugly camwhore pix with the sushi and seaweed stick on our front teeth!
damn, my image confirm drop down to earth core after posting these %&#@Z#! fugly pix!


den we r like...slacking at Sarah's house, having a short meeting in the middle of the nite just to make sure everything goes fine and well prepared =)

 my treasure box and all the "make you looks gorgeous" stuff and tools that I carry all the way frm home to zhen's house, I look like running away frm home with big pack small pack of travel bag! hv to do all the styling and make up job for the sisters (ji mui) nxt day...

I am so evil, capture everyone's fugly moment  muahaha!

and mine too =p

Bringing my babies everywhere ♥
 Fully dolled up and ready to kick the Guy's ASSes!
eyelash: Upper- Dolly Wink no2, Bottom- Jewerich no3 
playsuit frm:


 sugar syrup + hotdogs = gross food for the guys

 full bucket of bitter melon~

 the evil behind the scene!

 ewwwwwww~bitter melon juice, no water,sugar added smell stinks and taste GROSS!!

 The sisters~! 姐妹团 and another 3 still at the bck busying with their make up lol

6am early in the morning...the sunlight hits directly on the front yard and all the girl sweat like hell, and the guys are late!!!

 =..= lol wtf

haahahahahahaha matai u all! ok I lazy to write caption liao so...PICTURE SPAM!!

me photobombing!!

 cheat one, trying to trick us sisters with fake money!

su wen photobomb!!


 mom u look so pretty lar ❤❤❤

 the busy not so pro make-up artist =X

 bad hair nite,damn dulan wanna look fab asked the stylist to make my hair curl bob but she gimme fugly hair doesn't curled well seriously not in the mood to camwhore! In the end spent almost 1hour in the toilet to pin up my hair! duhhh.....WILLIE PLS SAVE MY HAIR! gimme vintage short curl bob hair like lena's!! shud hv rush down to wisma to set my hair sigh....regret max

 kns i look like some housewife just had a fight in pasar to chiong fresh vege with other auntie!
fugly hair!!

grandma: oh nom nom nom

 top frm: vintage lace top-Somerset Bay
Shorts frm: river island vintage lace

Updated: We are now betting who is going to marry nxt! me,zhen,suwen,shirley or akina? huhuhuhuhu! I'd say our grandma AKINA!! confirm not me I'm not going to marry so soon plus I don think I wan to marry lar =X 

Anyway 新婚快乐! to my dearest friend Sarah
Let's keep on loving each other till die okay?! *promise*