Wednesday, October 27, 2010


 The Bear of Happiness & Luck


awww~~~Duffy ish so kawaii~~how can you not love him? still selling Duffy and Shellie May's plushie =D
so fast fast place your order now before they OOS again!! thx to minimaos now everyone can has this cute lil magic bear, DUFFY~and his cute girl fren SHELLIEMAY!

random fashion

 some old outfit pix that i forgot to post...oh my just realize that i didn't for months,don't worry MAGU X VINTAGE project is coming soon (after nov 20)~I'm going to do a series of gyaru vintage/retro fashion guide in here,I'll try my best to guide you how to wear vintage,where to shop vintage stay tuned =D
haha,paiseh was too bc with my work and will cont busy until next month,shit loads of things hv to do and prepare for my cousin's wedding, super pack schedule @.@ will try my best to blog more often~so...bai bee
see ya soon ^^

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your favourite outfit

yo yo! Need some comments and opinions from ya all~ which outfit you like the most? vote pls~~~and spot those mad gorgeous KILLER HEELS!!? omg seriously can't help myself from falling in love with pretty shoes~ omg omg ❤❤❤ lovelovelove

Heels from outfit 1: Miu Miu Prada Summer 2010 Platform Swallow Mary Janes 2
Heels from outfit 2: Ash Lotus Caged Wedges in Black Leather
Heels from outfit 3: Givenchy's bandage wedges in nude

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kitties for Adoption

Anyone interested in adopting cute kittens? Please read the requirement first to avoid "accident" happen to the kitten after you adopted em. :) For sabahan pet lovers only.

1) Possess at least D Liscence (to send kitties to the vet)
2) Preferably Single (so that kitties x terbiar coz you nid to care for your babies)
3) Has a stable job (so u have $ to buy cat food/milk/toys/send kitties to the vet). Hoteliers strictly not qualified cos u guys work long hours & kitties often left unattended)
4) Responsible
5) Fresh adopters are welcomed but w basic knowledge pls..

sorry for the strict requirements...just wanna make sure their new master can take care of their pets properly.
Just drop me a msg if anyone of you want to adopt these cute kitten~^^ hehehe oh btw they are Mocha's little babies, aren't they cute? awwww~~~♥♥♥

(black and orange+white-RESERVED)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

3rd ink

Just got my 3rd tattoo today on my left forearm frm a ??? (omg i donno the name of the shop! I never try to remember a shop's name or even bother to look at the signboard =..=) tattoo shop at center point....
klar watever....blah~
the design - JUNE guess whose name is it ?she's my everything♥ (Don't get me wrong, i am not lesbian =..=)
muahahaha i love it damn much!!thx to my tattoo artist Mr..... umm.....I donno his name...AGAIN!


swollen skin after bzzzz bzzzzzz bzzzzzzzzzz session =D nais not?


wah i look like beast...furry monster wtf =..= paiseh dint know that my hand got so many hair one

klar gotta rush my drawing and design work now bai bee~

p/s: I love you mommy~♥
 p/s/s: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.............don tell my mom ah!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Okarie and her new line AnkRouge, she's a very popular blogger on crooz blog in Japan,and model of popteen magazine and now the fashion director of the new brand Ank Rouge. You can find this brand featured in lotsa Jp gyaru magazine like Popteen, pop sister, Jelly, Nuts, Ranzuki, Scawaii etc
I like her alot. Her style is very doll and vintage huhuhuhu~
I'm so happy for her success omg! jelous max ♥♥♥♥♥

First Kiss/So’ Fly - 45sec preview



Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spree Shoppu

today I'm going to shows off my goods that I got from SPREE SHOPPU!! yes, these are the Japanese cosmetics that featured in Popteen,vivi,scawaii,ranzuki mag etc....

Candy dolls
This is a awesome makeup line created by ex-popteen model Tsubasa Masukawa,candy doll lip products is super famous in Jp and every girls love it because the colours are really vibrant and great! it gives you a very shiny, plump looking lips~And I love the face powder alot, the best powder I've use so far, give you healthy and brighter skin..and easy to blend with the skin! I got 2 powder for myself cuz its super awsome!! =D

(all available on SPREE SHOPPU)

Top: Prizes that I won from Shopponblog's gyaru contest (previous spree shoppu)
From Left: Candy Doll Lipgloss milk tea beige (new product), Dolly wink liquid liner, Dolly wink no.8 pure little, and candy doll mineral powder.

Bottom: Mascot payment that i design for spree shoppu's owner Kiyomi Chan~
From Left: Cosmagic sweet deco cheek color, Jewerich no.1, and Jewerich no.3!! MADLY IN LOVE WITH THE FALSIES!! gives u super duper dolly look!!

(all available on SPREE SHOPPU

 Jewerich lashes~*LOVE*  (all available on SPREE SHOPPU

Cosmagic sweet deco cheek color (Strawberry Pink) makeup line from Kosé
must add more blings on the pic to show how diamondish is the product packaging!! lol~

WEBSITE feat Kumiko Funayama. (available on SPREE SHOPPU)

you can request the owner of Ss, KIYOMI CHAN to help you get watever Japan cosmetic/fashion line that you want such as Diamond lash,Melliesh,Jewerich,Liz Lisa, Tralala, AnkRouge etc....Visit SPREE SHOPPU and start shopping now! =D
they provide uber great service and uber awesome cosmetic frm Japan in cheaper price!!and they SHOP WORLDWIDE!!