Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Shop vintage

found these adorable vintage clothes,accessories,shoes,bags etc from a china shopping forum, and i am so tempted to buy all of them!!! *dig my wallet,take a look inside......omg! broke*
sob....sob............I WAN EVERYTHING VINTAGE!!!! cry out loud~!!

since I kenot get all of them so i decide to combine eveything I found, play some mix and match with the pix and tadaaaa~~~~

Outfit 1:

straw hat + brown polka dress + chiffon cardigan + a pair of very princessy golden flats + brown vintage bag! jeng jeng jeng~~nice not? hehehe

Outfit: 2

oversize vintage print tee + wear with watever leggings,tights,skinny jeans + antique vintage flower necklace + round leather bag + red dolly pumps
OMG!! i want the top and the necklace sooooooooooooooo muchie!! i wan i wan i wan i don care i broke no $$ need to go robe bank 2molo or watever i still wan them!!! everything look so so so cute~

Outfit: 3

Girly pink top (wear a white lace tube inside if you donwan to expose your cleavages) XD + vintage necklace + high waist floral skirt + red heart antique style earring + red peep toe oxford lace up heels
am looking for a similar flower mini skirt in town....but geeez....why all the shopping mall here so sux one! think i shud just get one frm taobao but....but.....I'm too lazy to wait for (2+ weeks) for  the goodies to arrive =(

Outfit: 4

flower tee + peach pink knitted cardigan + Big yellow rose necklace + red fedora hat + Pink mini suitcase + cute pink marine pierces + short pants/mini skirt in light color + white lace polka socks + vintage girl flats in tan
the pink suitcase is so dam cute and girly i feel like getting one but too bad it was too expensive like more than RM100+ WTF and international postage not include!! the brown flats are my fav mayb I'll get em in the future or soon, need more extra $$!! sob...must work double harder,no triple harder so I can earn more,and buy more!!! =D

Outfit: 5

polka sleeveless top + denim high waist shorts + brown vintage belt + floral chiffon outer vivi style + brown cancan hat + peacock feather print vintage necklace + kago(basket) bag + shade + brown clogs
NOTE: Minimaos is selling the same kago bag^^  LINK

Outfit: 6

long sleeves shirt with in cream/beige color black lining and buttons + brown military jacket + vintage belt + Liz Lisa straw kago bag + light denim shorts + dark brown oxford shoes match with a pair of cute tiny flower print socks...

Outfit: 7

checkered sleeveless shirt + "brown pants straps" + khaki long pants +  brown marine hat + bronze mini camera necklace + yellow tan sandals + light brown wooden glasses + vintage box shoulder bag
a very boyish vintage look =DD me likey~heheeheee

Outfit: 8

dark blue military coat + lace ruffles pants + mini cancan hat + pearl bracelet + geeky glasses + black white oxford pumps + cute square straw bag with big black bow
English school girl look, omggggggg I LOVE THIS SET OF OUTFIT!!! especially the oxford!

Outfit: 9

mickey sweater + khaki high waist shorts + khaki rose beanie + tan brown oxford
a very simple yet stylish vintage outfit!!

Outfit: 10

french doll frills top + brown checkered headband + rose antique ring + heart locket and chains bracelet + dark brown dungarees + french style wedges bootie

Outfit: 11

daisy lace dress + princess pearl headband + cute white charms bracelet + white suede eyelet peeptoes oxford + black chiffon tights
waalah~~damn feminine and gorgeous!!! =D will get the white suede oxford for my uncle's wedding nxt year muahahaha!!!  RMB90++ only O.o cheap onot?!!

and some fashion pix that I rily rily rily like!!

okie dats all for today,just a little fashion guide for girls who love retro/vintage fashion~hope it helps! enjoy ^___^
no more photoshop no more editing no more fashion no more mix and match no more online shopping...uggghh........sick of it all! wtf 

p/s: everythg in the pic can be found in so go shopping now if you can read chinese and love shopping =D btw I don't know how to order or buy/pay stuff frm taobao so don't ask me to teach/help you cuz I always ask my fren to help me one,paiseh =X or you can try some shopping forum see if there is any agent who know how to do all this overseas shopping and contact with the china dealer/seller etc...but i know they'll charge you damn lot on service/shipping/nonsense fees...

bye all~and sorry if I hv very bad fashion taste in *vintage*, did my best on matching these outfits =(

Monday, September 27, 2010

Together Again

-The Class Reunion-

What happened to the class of 5T year 05? We'd live the life we choose,we have made many things our aim in life and we seek our destiny in the future.
It was really a memorable and unforgettable moment to meet my old buddies few week ago on a Reunion party.

We were in the same class back in school at the KKHS, Kota Kinabalu Sabah. 5T is the craziest class in year 05 that no teachers and juniors can ever forget lol...
yea...we were brave,we were crazy, we were rebellious,we have the most notty guy in the class,mix blood leng zai,leng lui,some rich spoiled brat,fat thin skinny tall short shortie (icluding me myself) and some super funny crazy girls who alway joke and making fun with the teachers hahaha, too many weird ppl in the class to list out,seriously its so hard to forget what we've done in the class, running everywhere climb on the table,talking nonsense bullshitting chit chatting with classmate and kena scolded by the teachers kaw kaw! sleeping,singing,dancing and making noises, bring durian to school and open em during classes,throw our cellphones into the dustbin,hide em behind the whiteboard,stick it under the table etc during spotcheck! we are all notty but kind and friendly inside! I'm very happy and proud to stay in the same class with them and they are my precious memories and friends =D

so we decide on a night to all get together and let the craziness continue again.

see you guys again and may our friendship last forever, Lova ya all you guys ROCKS!! xoxo

Note: some of the quotes and poems in the pix are not written by me =)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Latupta (Castle in the Sky)天空の城—”Kimi O Nosete”
Bought this little mini music box from ,well John bought it actually not me heheheee,nah...wat belongs to him also belongs to me so is MINE now! XD
I love the song so so so so much and I LOVE EVRYTHG FRM GHIBLI!! Miyazaki is so damn awesome! he's the god of animation and I respect him alot! madly in love with all the Ghibli sad movies.
never forget about Joe Hisaishi, the composer of several famous Ghibli Studio animated films! without his music all the films will be so Miyazaki's films and Joe's music are prefect match!!! =D

 My Ghibli mini music box:

The theme song:


awesome music!! If only I lived in Japan and had the chance to enjoy Joe Hisaishi live!

LookBook 13

New Look on

Top from: Online Boutique
Marine hat from: TianZhiBoutique
Disney Mickey Necklace from: Taiwan online spree


some old pix that i found in some very radom folder in my laptop =..=
was playing with John's DSLR
Cam model: Nikon D40
Models: The cats and kittens

Cats are lovessss~ ❤

I heart all the cats and dogs 
and HATE animal abuse!!