Tuesday, August 31, 2010


To all Gyaru fans, I mean OKARIE FANS!!!
*drum roll pls~*

OMFG!! SHE IS ON THE COVER OF OCT ISSUE! oh yay~is on my Buffdea month lol mad happy I wanna buy at least 10 issues as my Gyaru Buffdea present...*cough cough * just kidding!
omg omg omg omg this is just too omg no more Kumikki changed to OKARIE!

more Okarie pix......

and some other gyaru stuff.......

some Autumn MUST HAVE item! furrrrrrrrr FURRRRRR~~! In mandarin we call "MAO" mao mao mao! the Liz Lisa's clogs are mad awesome chio!
omg I love mao mao stuff alot gotta check em out on my fav online store asap! must bring some furry stuff into my closet! huhuhuhuhu

Floral CLOGS! gorgeous max!! I wish i can read hira/katakana so i can shopping in Yumebento =((

and lastly,a very short CROOZ BLOG video!of course....is OKARIE again ^__________^ hehehehe
okay thats all for today, will blog bout my Reunion gathering party with my ex-hi sch classmate tomolo or soon! will be a super long picture post  200++ pieces of pix =X

okay bai bee see ya soon ^^

p/s: HAPPY NATIONAL DAY to all malaysians!!

must show some patriotic spirit once a year lol!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Picture spam: Useless vain Pix

Lack of motivation to blog recently so nah....my new hair style.
Haven't been to the saloon for ages kinda miss my short coconut bowl fringe but, nah.....mayb I'll keep it a lil bit longer until I sien 1st lol.

My not so long/not so short middle parting fringe =X

Looks Odd? or OLD?!! tell me tell me? Looks fugly or wat shud I cut it???shud i shud i ?

Top from: MINIMAOS Link

Okay thats all for today will be back soon!!! bai bee~~^________^

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Officialy GYARU!!

YAY~Super mega extreme excited and HAPPY MAX!!!
I have won the 1st place in the Gyaru Madness competition at 404votes!!
TO Shoponblog and Kiyomi Lim~San kyuu alot for giving me the opportunity to join the Gyaru Contest which allow me to win the amazing prizes!! I really had fun !^_____^
TO Voters lol,  Million thanks to everyone~ARIGATO MINA!!! san kyuu alot,thank you,xie xie ni men,万分感谢,terima kasih,thanks alot for the VOTES! thx you so much frm the bottom of my heart~I will always remember your kindness,and efforts on voting. *BOWS* T___T*touch*
and now the competition has ended so NO WORRIES guys I will not spam on your wall anymore =X 

and.........I just redeemed my prizes! WOOPIEZZ!~!

okay dats all for today just wanna share my joy with ya all.......is time to PICTURE SPAM!
okay bai nao....bai beeeee and NITEZ! *huggies*

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Love Internet Love MINIMAOS!

Bored to the maximum can't online since saturday untill just nao due to the streamyx cable prob at my house area =(  so the only thing I can do at home is gaming kaw kaw, Plants vs Zombies to kill my days! it took me half day to finished the game. It was fun and super funny at the same time lol. but too bad I am too pro in these stupid games which means I am a stupid who playing stupid games ahaha. thx to my stupid lil bro who always download stupid games and intro me such stupid game and it helps me alot to survive my bad days with no internet =D

YAY finally the streamyx has been fixed and my internet life is back again woopie~and and and.......my parcel is hereeee! Received my Samantha Aimi light denim teddy bag and Rosebullet Micket tee+Bandana from MINIMAOS! double happiness in a day!

sorry for the blueish photo =X  the Mickey tee supposed to be in grey color. Seen on Lena! This is Rosebullet's super hit item in this season! so wat cha waitin for? faz faz get one from Minimaos

DUP Samantha Thavasa denim shoulder bag from MINIMAOS. eventho is not genuine but the quality ish two thumbs up! Best pre-order item ever!! It only takes 2weeks for the bag to reach. Surprisingly I received it in less than 1 week zomg!! I AM SO HAPPY! Million thanks to Minimaos I love it very much, and not forget to mention, their service is absolutely friendly and fab!

 compare with the ori one....both look exactly the same rite? =DD

ribbon bows has snap button for conecting =D

and hell yeah I'm nao in the 2nd round of the GYARUMADNESS on Shoponblog! And Voting for Top 3 ends on 21st August ! so PLEASE VOTE FOR ME AGAIN IF YOU HAVEN'T!! omg I dont even know they hv 2nd round voting so previous votes on the 1st round was like a lil bit wasted =..="

Dear friends and readers I need your help again!! Vote me vote me vote me! all you need to do is "LIKE" the main profile page 1st, and the final step is "LIKE my PHOTO thank you very much, appreciate your help and effort alot! san kyuu minaaaaaaaa *huggies* much love from Magu. xoxo

LOOKBOOK.nu: "The next day"

Another Look that I just posted on Lookbook.nu
Floral Can can hat and Fringe bootie bought from Wisma Merdeka. (sold out item)
Liz Lisa top frm overseas (wearing without the inner stripes singlet)
Floral high waist shorts from Citymall =D


Friday, August 13, 2010

New Look on Lookbook.nu

Hype Hype Hype Hooray~ =D
Liz Lisa top - shipped from Japan, not sure ori or dup one but the price quite expensive though.
Dazzling floral short pants - from taiwan (it's a dup) =X

 look 90% alike rite? the shirt not the person lol o.o
 okay dats all for today bai bee~~will post another look 2molo XD

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WTF please don't laugh.......

this is my 1st time doing solo animation for my final sem project few months ago.....and I decided to post it on my blog to share with your guys....why now? I know i shud post it like after I done it or after I graduate or something....but PAISEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH LAR!!! I am so chicken I got no guts to show it to the public!! and I scare ppl migh hate my stupid animation hahahaha but nao I'm so happy cuz ppl love it =D
well I just post it on my fb and the feedback is so unexpected,now I know most of them love my lousy animation lol!!

A 2010 final animation project by maguro! sorry for the low quality vid =X I'll try to upload another one in HQ another time~

Character design :maguro
BG design :maguro
BGM : Beautiful - Meg
Storyboard : Maguro
Concept art : Maguro

Project's time taken : 2months.

A 12 frames per second animation with a cute concept bringing the message of "Every beautiful memories come from our imagination" . This animation tells a story of a girl named Momo , ventures her daily life with her beautiful imagination creating extra ordinary scenario leads to a beautiful memory.

and I wan't to thank John aka Magion my boyfran who tought and helps me alot in this animation! My lecturer Mr Ethan Lo, Mr Jeremy and my beloved classmate  (you know who you are) ^^ without you guys I'm think I'll fail my subject lol...well to be honest I'm not pro at using  AE(after effect) or any animating software =X
but I'm happy that I can at least have a short animation of my own.

Hope you all enjoy the video!

And here are some of my new artworks =)
Mascot/Avatar that I draw for my customers.

Mascots/Avatar that i designed for a local Boutique!
Location: Princess House @ BEVERLY

and another Mascot/Avatar which I done for Kiyomi Chan aka Cherie Lim from http://ai-kiyomi.blogspot.com/, also owner of Shoponblog.com

CG style: 2D cellshade+gradient
Times taken: roughly 6hours+ (not including rest/eat/pee/poo/gaming/sleep/day dreaming/internet/msn) LOLS
Tools of the trade: paper, pencil, Ps2 & mouse =D

 p/s: I don't draw for free, I'm a designer and also anime artist, I need money to feed myself so don't simply ask me to draw a mascot for you if you don't have the intention to pay thx =)

mail me @ mantouberry@yahoo.com if there is anythg you need me to draw or design.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

coffee break with Mickey!

super short post for today, baked some pancakes for ourselves (me and John) a quick culinary session during break time to fill our hungry stomach. the MICKY PANCAKE IS MINE!!! oh yea yum yum yummy~okie dokie gotta put some tasty jam on top and nom nao need to cont my work again. ughh......designs designs designs and a QnA interview for some fashion site. will update my blog again when i free~
gtg nao! oh nom nom nom nomzz~~~ Bai bee ^____________^

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Gyaru updates

spotted OKARIE on Pocky Chocot Link

The video is was talking bout what kind of makeup you would wear on a date.

Pocky Models~

OKARIE~~Love her puppy eyes!!

If you know how to read hiragana katakana , follow Chocot Link 's Twitter for more info and updates =)
or If you are a fan of OKARIE like me, follow her on Twitter =D

Video bout her talking bout blogirls~

and another one, interview bout her being a Brand director of a fashion brand: Ank Rouge

support and Love OKARIE to the max~!
enjoy....bai bee~

Saturday, August 7, 2010

super pack events!

okay i got tons of pending event pix and post wanna blog today! I was super busy with my work on last week and finally just finished all of them last nite and i can has a super free day nao! so imma update my blog ASAP!!!

went on holiday with John's Family.................at.................Kota Kinabalu HYATT hotel, gua gua gua~~
I have a very enjoyable and fun day although it was a mini local trip, at least i can has the chance to stay in the SUITE ROOM for free!! XD

I just love the huge TVS~!!! good for gaming!!! =D

and this is the interior of the room, oh forgot to mention this is not the suite room that I mentioned just now!! this is the temporary club room for us to rest, cuz there is a very bossy and lousy customers who refuse to check out from the suite room on time!! and we are like few hours late liao waiting for him to check out wtf =..=
dats John's sis Alice lying on the bed and his aunt sitting on the sofa resting their feets watching tv while waiting for the housekeeping to clean up the suite room for us!

view from the clubroom, recognize where is this?? =D

camwhore to kill time before i head to UMS! thats my outfit of the day~nice match eh?

and this vain boy keep on fixing his hair in front of the mirror =..=

okay lets fast forward to the UMS Japanese cultural night!! This year the UMS Japanese Cultural Night was held inside the Chancellor Hall! main event/performance start at 6pm! wow luckily I went UMS around 5pm plus togather with John and Alice or else I'll stuck in traffic jam like forever!

the 1st person i spotted outside the hall ish ARNAB!!!! /IYAAAAA + SAWAN!! she is omfg kawaii max!!

next is Nana chan aka Chiaki~!!! with her super striking golden yellow hair!

Irene moe max!

oh btw can I have some of your opinions please....i mean dear readers and friends? do you think the way i dressed is very "kua zhang" overdressed? =(
it sadden me alot when I heard some teenagers in UMS said "wtf,see see see the girl dressed so kua zhang!" I was like WTF are you kidding me? you kids pay RM10 for the ticket and join this Japanese cultural event for shit ar? this event is all about JAPANESE CULTURE wtf! you girls love japan,love sakura,love their culture,love popteen,love japan fashion,love Liz Lisa,love tsubasa,kumiko, but you got NO GUTS TO WEAR?! you adore the way kumiko dress, you love Tsubasa's style but when there is someone in your country dressed like one you said she OVERDRESSED? no point for you to love their culture and fashions if you yourself got no guts to accept the way Japanese girl dressed =..=
I'm not mad or blame anyone.....I shud feel happy bout it rite cause at least I'm the only one and 1st girl in kk who dare to dressed liddis and try everythg which means I'm leading kk's fashion trends lol~ seriously i wish to at least change ppl's thought/mind on fashions. Doll up myself is one of my hobby,and I'm happy to OVERDRESSED =D

waiting for the show inside the hall~
the boring sister playing with her cellphone
I hv to admit that...umm.....the show is....umm......kinda boring and disappointing, and some technical prob during the stage performance etc.... sworry pls dont hit me if you read this! but still,everyone did their best to entertained the audience and most important is everyone share the same interest and everyone loves Japanese culture!! I blive everyone will do their best improving the stage performance and also cosplay nxt year rite ARNAB? AND IRENE!! =DDD I support you guys kaw kaw till die!!! appreciate your effort alot,if it wasn't bcoz of you all, there will be no cosplay,Hobbycon,Kirameki cafe and UMS Japanese cultural nite in  SABAH KK *sob* I heart ya all~  ❤  ❤  ❤ 

for those who miss all the fun? don't worry join us next year~ =D

rush back to the hotel at 8pm for dinner, I missed all the show *sob* i wanna join the bon odori dance nxt year for sure!! =(

now this is more like it~YAY~THE SUITE ROOM and the super large TV!! at last the bossy customer left bye bye~the room is ours nao!! weeee~~~~
dead body lol.....super exhausted after rushing go and bck frm UMS...poor John

Dinner time~went down to the dining hall and NOMZ!! is Mexican nite serve with Mexican food in buffet style!! oh nom nom nom nomz, although i'm not a fan of MEAT,but the roasted lamb and beef is UBER YUMMY!

bought some cupcakes from Boutique cupcake's booth (UMS japanese cultural nite)!
I choose the Haruhi cupcakes, kyaaaaa~~~XD
I love the kitty design and TAMAGO SUSHI CUPCAKE IS MAD KAWAII AND YUMZ!! best cupcakes with cute design ever!! definitely will/MUST visit the store at LINTAS PLAZA ! yes they are going to open an outlet on September if I'm not mistaken lar~visit BOUTIQUE CUPCAKES for more info =)

 note:pic taken frm Boutique cupcake's blog

The Boutique Cupcakes TEAM~look at their adorable artwork omg!! slurrp.....the sushi cupcake looks seducing rite? these cupcakes are LOVES!! and I'm super happy cuz Fara promise me that she will print my MOMO (my mascot) cupcakes on this year HOBBYCON!! yay i can has my own momo cupcakes!! so happy to imagine that everyone is holding the momo cupcakes during Hobbycon! lol~oh and I'm going to order these cupcakes for my Buffdae on october too!

camwhore pix with the cupcakes~❤

and some other useless vain camwhore pix =X

was planing to go out for a late nite movie after dinner but changed our mind after that cuz we dowan to let go the chance to gaming with the HUGE SCREEN!! XD ahahahahaha
I'm currently training my fav character LiLi  in Tekken6 ❤ ❤ ❤ and i found my new fav gaming spot in kk too, Suria arcade center! haha spot me there and challenge me, i just started to play at "ding dong" but surprisingly I'm much more pro-er in using arcade joystick than the normal xbox joystick!! idk why lol =)

never forget to drink my detox slimming tea after having super huge portion of breakfast+lunch+dinner on that day! ughhh......extra fats and meats on my body is driving me crazy!!

sea view from the suite room~I love the morning blue blue sea, and sea breeze =X but i hate water....cuz i cant swin 100% confirm die plus i hv aqua/water phobia and thats the reason why i dont swim and scare of water...sigh

Tamago cake frm boutique cupcakes for breakfast!!

outfit on the nxt day, changed and going to wisma and meet my sister and my beloved BAMBI girl~ and I bought a huge bling bling kitson tote bag just to carry my Bambi =..=

this is me and my Bambi girl aka keh po bitch~
went to Star city (Asia city) to join the dog show/Pet fun fair with John, sis,cousin and her frens.

my girl~

Jia wen's pong pong ish so darn cute~

oh mi gog i wan a chihuahua so badly!!! mommy can i hv a new pet? plssss~~

 the famous dog in town-COLA the most fashionable hotdog! and the chihuahuas~~

and he fell in love with my Bambi~dats my cousin protecting Bambi in her arm
*snif snif* yea I'm telling the truth cola is in love with my keh po bitch!!!! and he keep chasing my Bambi...like everywhere and he even tried to ehem ehem...f*** my dog wtf!!! noway i wan a pure breed pincher! i dowan mix breed pups~

p/s: looking for pure male pincher(husband) for Bambi pls drop me a msg if you live in kk and If you are interested with my cute Bambi ( I mean your male dog) =X

poor Bambi was trying her best to avoid cola and running away from him.....

the chihuahuas geng!! they are from the same owner, wow~!!

All you need to do is 'like' Shoponblog's fanpage and then vote for me by clicking the "LIKE" button on my PICTURE! Pulease pulease pulease help me to win the contest and prizes!

this is my 1st time to join a voting competition on facebook and I'm sooooooooo paiseh keep asking for votes from friends,and i never ever expect that I'll join such competition,to be honest I actually hate/dislike this kind of voting competitions on fb which i think is very useless and stupid and childish....
I'M SO SORRY TO HAVE SUCH HORRIBLE THOUGHT!! forgive me *sedang insaf dgn ikhlas*
so please vote me I must win FOR THE SAKE OF THE COSMETICS~ahaha lol

Appreciate every single vote from you guys! much love ♥♥♥ xoxo from MAGU. 

san kyuu~~and have a nais day all! bai bee