Monday, May 24, 2010

Rest in peace my dear friend...

And so am I....
Today... a very close friend of mine just pass away this morning and so suddenly, I refuse to blive it, I can't accept it, not even a single word of good bye!

yesterday, 2 days ago, 3 days ago...1 weeks ago we still playing our favourite game AMEBA PICO together  in fb with veron, John and Howey, we still do lots of nonsense stuff together, we still laugh like crazy siao zar bo in fb,we still talk to each least we are... not so far from each other, at least.....we are still breathing the same air in this world and now...and now she's GONE forever!

It's so heart break into thousand pieces when i receive the bad news from veron, I even date her out for shopping and movie few days ago, i even merajuk with her when She went out with veron but dint ask me to's too late, everything is too late nao i can't date her anymore, and i still owe her a date, no!! THOUSANDS OF DATE!!

how i wish that when I wake up this is all just a terrible nightmare! I can;t handle this kind of news! I feel so awful, I feel so....sad, utterly sad

To: My Dear Angel ♥

Memory... is the diary that we all carry about with us. Angel 林仪凡 , I've written your name in it from the 1st time we met, I've written the story between you and me,even for a short time, is a eternal treasure. And the handwritings your left in my diary will never fade. I might not remember the days we s...pent togather, but i will always remember the moments. me and you=BFF.

Rest In Peace.

Angel, my beloved Nimini, you are the most kind and gorgeous angel in my heart, I wan to tell you that I LOVE YOU...for the last time...



                                                                                                          From: Magu akaSuyi

I will always treasure you in my memory♥

the day we Pico togather,
Avatar in Purple grey hair is our beloved Angel Nimini ♥

P/s: Time goes by so fast, people go in and out,You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tooth Fairy

went to Suria GSC for free movie today =D
all you need to do ish~find a newspaper, today's, yesterday's few days ago's and flip to the cinema guide page, cut out the free coupon and redeem 2 free movie ticket at the box office counter!! got such nais LOBANG must share with ya all...

Date and movies: free movie screenings from 15 to 19 May 2010. 
free movies available are "Little Big Soldier", "The Storm Warriors", "Adnan Sempit", "Sherlock Holmes", "Around The World In 80 Days", "The Golden Compass", "Tooth Fairy", "A Christmas Carol" and "2012".

watched Tooth Fairy with the boyfran♥ and the Sis in Law♥

Hair And Outfit of the Day~ Liz Lisa Doll RockGirl style! 
Tied up puffy and messy side pony tail with black lace scaft tied on the pony tail =D

New Usastraw bag, kawai desho?!! XD
well actually i was looking for a nais and pretty kago bag, but ended up buying dis little fella cuz fell in love at the 1st sight ♥♥♥

and nao i need to find a new usamimi headband to match the bag^^

 ish so hard to find a cute usamimi cuz  they owez sold out very fast everywhere, im planning to order some frm taiwan but i dont like to wait for 1week to reach my hand leh~*sob* i want it nao!! well...mayb im going to DIY one for myself =X

and saw lotsa super nais and pretty flower rompers in the mall today, ish sad that im officially broke, stocked too much new stuff for my online boutique! I want more romperssss~! 
*walks away with tears in eyes looking at those pretty rompers in the shop*

I changed my mind few hours later after window shopping in the mall + sambil khayal~lol
was thinking that I already hv a long romper, medium length romper, short romper, skirt romper, all flower flowery one
and some other very similar to Liz Lisa's spring flower flower dress, vest, skirt, lace,denime blouse, denim boyfran shirt,can can hats etc etc...all never wear! still brand new hanging in my closet, so there is no need to buy new clothes liao, waste moneh only =..=

but...but......those pretty clothes are so tempting!!! *sob sob*

Full body shots of my Liz Lisa doll hoodie + ruffles lace short pants~
everything in black and hot pink ♥


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I ♥ MOM & Flying Broccoli

♥Happy Belated Mother's Day to all Pretty Mommys

wake up pretty early in the afternoon,at least earlier than the usual time i wake up! LOL
actually i was late,planned to went for some pasar shopping early in the morning to get some fresh vege and prawns for mother's day surprise dinner but failed,
cus I sleep like PIG! pro than a PIG mayb!! =..= 

boh bian, so forced daddy drove us (me+Bro+sis) to CKS nearby and we shop like 3 crazy amazing race challenger in the supermarket, snatch everything we need and throw into the basket!! cuz we hv to rush bck and prepare all the ingredients that we need for our dishes and done our cooking in very short time before mommy reach home around 6pm~ *swt*

This is the messy kitchen where we work hard to chop and wash! XD
We planned to cook ourselves for mommy, each person must cook at least 1 dish without any helps from other ppl! it was so fun to see bro and sis chopping the meat like siao, washing the vege and scream like hell when a worms crawling out from the broccoli ahahaha! 
And the broccoli fly to...umm.....went missing *THROW*
 lol kidding =X

"Geh poh" little bambi went geh poh around in the kitchen while we busying *throw throw* and *scream scream* in the kitchen bcoz of a tiny little...DISGUSTING WORM!! lololol

non stop geh poh in the kitchen =..=

This is my Bro's creation!! a very super extremely SIMPLE fried mince chicken meat with black pepper+butter, AND fresh vege "玻璃生菜" cheapskate lar you bro, boh sim, no heart one!! =..=
 but yummy not too oily and the meat is tender, at least edible lor haha...not bad for a high school Otaku boy who only knows how to cook maggie and simple fried egg =p

and the next dish is fried broccoli with mix mushrooms! 
look nice, taste okay~but...sorry sis...your broccoli is too dry and keras =X
anyway glad that you didn't burn the kitchen hahaha

mommy ish so mulia, she ate almost half of the plate of my sis's "Rock broccoli"

jeng jeng jeng~~ pls skip the 1st pic if u dunwan to puke....face without make up 
OMG so paiseh @^.^@


does these shit look like a heart to you? =..=
got heart shape boh? got little bit bah right? can see a bit love love like heart right right?? =D

Planned to make a heart shape fried egg dish like the one in the video as a special mother's day gift....but...but....BUT..... failed! FML
Sad max..... T___________________T *cry*
sorry mom, its a heart although it doesn't look like a heart! 

sauces that i made....and where i'll put my fried eggs on top of it, yum yum~

Butter Nestum Prawn by ME~hehehehe
SUPER YUMMY! I'm still proud of myself cuz i can cook awesome food =D

Swt~ just realize that i forgot to snap a pic of my soup =..=
Lotus seed+peanut and chicken soup! mom's fav~

1 dish by bro, 1 dish by sis, plus my 3 dishes! wow that was quite alot for 6person!
and YAM CAKE for dessert after meal!!!

kenot tahan with the geh poh bitch so i bought her a toy and cushion! she dislike the cushion and afraid of the toy....and thats how the toy looks like in the pic after a day! she chew chew chew and bite bite bite the "braid" untill bcome liddis...hairy lol

*chew chew chew* *bite bite bite* *pull pull pull*

*grrrrr grrrrrr groooo*

was trying to snatch away the toy from her!! this bitch ish so ganas!!

John said Bambi looks scary like Zombie in dis pic~ lolol
Geh poh bcome ganas when ppl trying to snatch her toy XD

My beloved Popo hugging the geh poh Bambi~
awhh my popo look so cute! I love her so much~♥♥♥

and i love you too my little geh poh Bambi~~♥

went zzzzzz after playing snatch and catch with me, looks normal?

and this is the side view! geh poh bcome ganas and den bcom PIG!
few hours later!! what a pose =..=

Note: Geh poh = Busybody

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Dolly Wink X Tsubasa

Another Photo Post for my DOLLY WINK EYE MAKE UP AGAIN^^
Upper Lash=Dolly Wink No:1 (Dolly Sweet) and bottom lash=Dolly Wink No:5 (Real Nude)

Close up shoot! Ish i duno why everytime i wanna to shoot my chio lashes pix will turned out BLURRR~~~~~

Woohoo~another shopping day after my final!! went to wisma and suria and met some of my customers, sold out some clothes and nao i got money to bought mommy some nais present tomorrow! It's MOTHER'S DAY~weeee =D
fking tired but still duwanna go home so Alice (John's sis) brought us here at Sutera Harbor walk walk eat wind...Omg its been a long time since i smell the breeze of the natural, I can smell puas puas nao since i oredy ended my final sem and nao waitin to graduate SOON~~I am a free little birdie nao^^

pretty "after rain" scenery, i like the smell of the ocean~but i don like water...umm...well.....
actually......I'm afraid of water...deep water, I hv Acrophobia and Aquaphobia which means: fear of heights and fear of water, dats why i don dare to swim, i dont dare to step into the swimming pool, children's pool still acceptable but not the adult one!

spotted a birdie catching fishie, is that a bird eh...? o.O"

and a......FUGU? i dono! cuz Alice keep bising bising said its a fugu and ask us to see..."ni kan ni kan~~fugu leh!" is that a fugu....or? not? it doesn't look like one for me...hurm

some random camwhore pix...with John

and some outfit shots for my lookbook XD

And lastly.....more clearer pix to show you my DOLLY WINK LASHES~~NAIS?? =D
which one do you prefer the 1st set or the this??
i can't decide cuz both set looks cute and gorgeous! I like the Dolly Wink No:1 upper lash when i tried them out today! but i oso like the Dolly Wink No:2!!

Bottom lash i prefer dis one the No:5 (Real Nude) cuz look more natural and not droopy like the No:6 (Baby Cute)

Hype Hype ^^

New Look on my LOOKBOOK.NU =D
Pls Hype Hype Hype it......SANKYUU~~~xoxo

anyway Spring flower top bought from Wisma Merdeka(4got the name of the shop)
Ripped denim short pants from White Sand (1 Borneo)+self D.I.Y!
Ugg Bootie from friendster Taiwan Blogshop
Double Scrunchie furball from daiso (small Pink scrunchy+new bought soft scrunchy)
Belt from Wisma Merdeka(4got the name of the shop)

so sorry.....i am a super forgetful person so i cant rily remember the name of the shop in wisma although i hv been there since my childhood life! mommy own a shop in wisma and she's a very famous tailor in sabah malaysia for more than 30years!! so wisma is my second home lol =X


Friday, May 7, 2010


A Shopping Day with my TSUBASA's EYEMAKE UP yesterday!!
Used a pair of Dolly Wink upper lash+bottom lash to complete the whole look
I hesitate for more than 1hours before i decide to open 2pairs of my treasure yesterday!
"Hou ng seh dak ar"~~ T________T 
 RM55.90 leh!!!  x2 = RM111.80, my 11180 fly away liao *CRY*.......but it was sooo worth it, the lashes is so flexible and soft, looked pretty real when put on, the packaging and all and its super awesome!! I love the glue for the lashes its so cute with the pink with black polka dots, and the glue is white color, sticky...but not messy,dried fast,easy to apply,easy to remove, BUT........sorry it's not WATERPROOF!! I need to touch up more glue everytime after i *YAWN~~* so...美中不足!

DOLLY WINK no:2 ( sweet girly ) for upper lid
no: 6 ( baby cute) for bottom 
CHIO RITE?? =D love it with heartbeat OMG!! eyes look so droopy and sleepy with the bottom lash,why ar...
and everyone keep staring at my face like i kena zombie infected or whole week never sleep lolol~

And bought a new CAN CAN HAT to match my new romper^^

pretty? eh eh eh?

with Lace ribbon

 Ignore my super pale face cuz its already 9pm+ when i took these pix....gosh i hate bad lighting photos!! so regret i don't bring my cam out in the morning to snap more chio photos of my eye make up!!!! stupid =..= lan c, oh my~regret max! oh yea i cut my bangs short...abit too short so i look like tai ngong nao =(

another....very Tsubasa look alike pic LOL~ so damn buay paiseh
wearing these mad chio Tsubasa's lashes rily can make you look like Tsubasa!! XD

I'm going to try my other 2sets of dolly wink 2molo so stay tuned for more Dolly Wink update~
I am super excited and wanna immediately try them out and this time i will use John's super big DSLR cammie to snap more nais and pretty photo =D

*Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink Wink *