Friday, April 30, 2010

The day i paint the roses Red

What a lame title lol
Today I am Alice...not the Alice from "Alice in Wonderland"

I ish Alice from the LookBook~ =3

my 3rd lookbook update:

And this is my previous 2nd Look which i forgot to blog  =X

NECKLACE from: Travellers Jewellery
(SHOES)WEDGES can be found at: Yunique Paradise

 the American cowgirl look

TOP from: (LOCAL) Warisan Square STREET
BOTTOM from: (LOCAL)1Borneo white sand
BRACELET from: JBTALKS online shopping forum
COWBOY BOOTS from: Wisma Merdeka ORIX

went to wisma today early in the morning with mum, cuz i need her to sew me new clothes for my presentation!! I can has free and nais and super chio clother wtf lol, think i am the luckiest daughter in the world cuz mommy is a tailor! a pro one~I feel so proud! *nose grow long long*
thats why i never "fan" where to buy my prom dresses,formal shirt,cosplay costume and even my primary, high school pinafore also sew by mom❤❤❤
The only thing i need to "fan" ish how complicated, how unique, how gorgeous, how outstanding, the design of my clothes XD

And I am happy that i went to wisma today although im still busying with my final solo animation which im going to submit and present on nxt mon, which means tomolo and tomolo de monday T_______T

I bought a drawstring floral romper!! OMG I AM SO IN LOVE WITH LIZ LISA's SPRING FLORAL ROMPER!! 

without flash...
my version of romper in light and dark pink color

with flash =D 
see~pretty eh? but John and Howey said look like pajamas =..=
 no sense of fashion at all, bluek~~~~ =p

he curi curi went off to toilet and "sun bian" bought me these~~~LOL


DOLLY WINK!! Lashes No1 & 2!! weeeeee~~~~~
❤I LAPPIU 4EVER❤~you are the best boyfran ever! XD

I can has kawaii deco nails too!!! CHANGED my nail today =3

kawaii max~

desserts on the other fingers~


 oklar i need to off nao so tired...sleep for 1hours only last nite! @.@ faint!
will blog more often after my Final~promise^^

---------------Random Post of the day--------------

Latest Popteen! and ish KUMIKO's BUFFDAY!!

ok bai....seriously need to off liao i duno wat i type actually so damn tired i mong char char @.@

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ABC or Rojak?

I have no intention of...continue updating and keeping....

these shitloads of old DRAFT POST which i keep and drag long long in my blog since last year untill nao =..=
so I'll just cincai upload all the pix together in one post and thats it! DONE lololol~

start with the..oldest DRAFT post
Veron's Buffday at Damai Shabu-Shabu on feb..sigh~see so "once apon a time" liao

RM18++ per set is MAD CHEAP for that amount of meat..1 large plate of meat(your choice) and 1 large plate of VEGE, the boy's yuckiest food so all went into the girls tummy =..= and a side dish with fried toufu,sausage etc...and an raw egg! SUPER CHEAP and eat until you puke!

Doris and I..she's uber cute and sweet! her eyes is so dam gorgeous,owez sot sot mata i oso kena sot!

The best ICE-CREAM CAKE i ever had...mad love! yums~

CNY POST at John's uncle house

I hate bad lighting photos =..=

CNY POST at Angel's house


Tons of shitty camwhore pix with my sick face (diarrhea mode)

My best girlfrans ❤much loves❤

and the best boyfran ever ❤

 the turtle which i hug kaw kaw to keep me warm when the aircon was torturing me! but fever bcome even worst after that! lol
another CNY POST at John's house

My diarrhea terus cure when i see these yummy JUNK FOOD  (*≧∇≦*) 

 actually not.....I Lao sai after nom my fav pringles =(

I miss "Har Beng" so much!

The happy Howey with her cheesecake from hyatt

Howey "kiap" oreo pic 1

"kiap" oreo pic 2
LOLOLOL~poor oreo

some super random and useless mobile pix...

I want this standie!! 

 my fav no1: SASHIMI~~❤❤❤

my fav no2: Japanese Curry rice

the sister in law =)

Spotted a mad kawaii CHIHUAHUA at 1B pet shop~! awwwww so kiut!

1st "chao dao fu" (stinky tofu) in my life!! smell like CAT SHIT DOG SHIT WATEVR SHIT!!
omg so stinks! but YUMMY! kenot blive i just said that yummy word.....ewww

 Tall babe Rumiko but baby face! haha~I love her❤


CNY POST at my house
BBQ party with family and friends! Lazy to put caption liao =..=

 Can't live without yummy food~

Greatest Mom ever...!

Camwhore Time
Fuck that John =..=
The Besties
The BFFs!! know both of them more than eight years!! ZhenZhen (left one) 15years! =D
BFF are the best!
Camwhore,Movie and Makan day with the Besties
Just skip this post if you donwan to see Vain pix~

quite hansem yi xia de hor? LOL
 me myself also kenot tahan...with my own vain pix =..= 
too much vain pix all also got my face..and why would i want to see my own own face in my own pic,
day day see myself in the mirror already nyak liao lorh!

Just realize dun hv Howey and veron's faces in these photos!
Steal these pix from Howey's fb but how come she only snap us but not herself and veron's =..=