Friday, March 26, 2010

MAGU is on LOOKBOOK nao!!
and this is my 1st look =D

OUTER from: The Survival Store 
BAG from: JBTALKS onling shopping forum
SHOES from: Kiss and Tell

Brown Brown Love! Vintage vintage love!
My feet got swollen a lil and blister are around my toe bcoz of this muthafuking "not" so comfy wearing and mad tall oxfords!! nao my feet so painfull haiz haiz.....but...but.......too pretty to gv up leh! next time shud stuff some cotton inside!!
Mad happy when i bought something really really nice...Love my Vintage Box hand/shouder bag so much!!!
Anyway....for those "lookbooker"~pls HYPE me on LOOKBOOK =D

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wish List

This is tragic! I hv too much things wanna buy,but too less moneh to buy all of them!!!
and my wish lish is getting longer and longer at the same time! FML MAX!!

1. Gibsons Les Paul electric guitar!! shit...i wanna put all the blames on animax and K-ON!! =..=
obviously very imposible to get one de bloody expensive the price can reach 1m!!
but I'm going to get a cheaper but similar to Les paul one for sure!

2. More DOLLY WINK lashes!!!❤ ❤ ❤ =D

3. The geeky yet trendy OXFORDS❤

fashionistas around the globe  loves them~! and these mad gorgeous chicky oxfords are my new obsession!! 
I want a flat one cause i already have 1 pair of high heels oxford in brown! Im currently in love with brown/tan color cuz brown color suite me better,i found that brown looks gorgeous on my skin and also very matchie with my favourite pink! 

4. Clogs

Clogs are my currently LOVE but, Why do I suddenly think I want them? common! look at these these fabulous shoes!!! every girls can't help it, I just can’t help it too gorgeous to "not" fall in love! Im waitin for these fashion clogs to come into not "heng" yet so nobody import these lovely clogs,OMG I WANT!!!

5. Pink or White Western Boots(short)!

cowgirl's boots are super trendy nowadays! a pair of simple cowgirl boots can turn your simple look NOT simple!! It can make you look like you are rily ahead of the trend!  It dand who seyz cowgirl boots must wear very boyish one?It doesn't hv to be match with denim denim all the way~
below are the 2 example how you dress up girly and glam with cowgirl boots =D

6. Runway pumps/heels/flats!
OMG! WTF why most of my wish list are SHOES!!! @.@
oh my oh my....since when i bcome a shoeholic?!!I going to be broke bcoz of these babies!
How kickass are these pair of booties? these fabulous booties are selling like hot cakes online! Price range: RM180-200 drop me a msg if you wanna know where can you get these awesome babies and I'll send you the link of the shops =)

From top left: Balenciaga Inspired: Harness Bootie, Isabel Marant Inspired: Otway Ankle Boot
Bottom left: Topshop Inspired: Ashish Peep Toe Leopard wedge, Balmain Inspired: Suede Buckle Ankle Boot.

7. Over size Tee aka Boyfriends shirt AND watever high waist skirt❤ ❤ ❤ 

Vintage is LOVE! yea....i need to drop off some of my cutesy wearings! Half of my clothes in my wardrobe are PINK and.....childish =X ! Im turning 22 this year, i need some change!!! haha

8. KAN KAN HATS!!! Im gettin this very soon =D!!!
I love to collect different kind of cute hats, fedora and barret are my favourite =)

8. DUFFY the bear of happiness and luck
The most famous character at the Tokyo DisneySEA park! Disney cartoon is my all time favourite!
everyone loves Duffy and so am i ❤
I wan a Duffy buy...but.....argh...4get it, these adorable cute bears only available at Tokyo Disneysea T__T

oh yea...Duffy has a partner too~ ShellieMay

they made a very cute couple❤

9. Vintage bambi necklace
fall in love with this very unique necklace =)
and another reason is...I love Bambi aka my Puppy!! lols =D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cont: K-ON

 -Yui Harisawa's Guitar-

Its Gibson Les Paul Standard 2008 Heritage Cherry Sunburst Electric Guitar!!
OMFG!! although i dun hv much knowledge in guitar but seriously i cant afford this! the price is like HOLY *TUUT*TUUT*TUUT*TUUT*!!!
 it could cost me 1M!!!!!  


Read youself at HERE and HERE
all about history of Les Paul =X

see this pic oso wanna faint liao! @.@
Guess I can only dream bout it lol! I'll try to find another fake Les Paul and similar one lor and repaint it...boh bian so muthafuking expensive and plus i dont think KK got sell such AWESOME guitar! Yui oh~ are just a anime girl, fake one not a real live human...but using a real Gibson Les Paul! *FAINT + PUKE BLOOD* sad....kthxbai wanna afk and go cry under my pillow nao =(

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Suddenly i had a SUPER crazy thought in my mind!


but sibeh expensive leh....i need sponsors! =..=

I was once very obsessed with electric guitar! cuz i think guitar is so cool, especially when the guitarist is a FEMALE! Girls playing electric guitar doesn't mean she hv to look punk or rock! dress up emo..I dont like emo guitarist who wear black from top to toe,black nails,black lipstick with lots of "ka chang"(in cantonese) heavy metal accessories etc.. =..=
Girls can be very sexy and cute in electric guitar also one lor i tell you!!  see K-ON and Suzumiya Haruhi! =X
Its sad I never had a chance to learn it..i love music i love to sing i wanna learn instrument but i dont have the passion in any one of them, My mom forced me to learn piano when i was 8 or something...but i am so stupid never appreciate the opportunity, i hate it so i stopped! nao i know nth about music instrument at all , well..mayb im not that into piano,Im those those type of girls who rily GIRL,soft..pretty..gentle..and polite! I am very boyish i admit...or mayb i havent found the right instrument for myself that i rily rily love...i guess =(
until one day, when i saw some cute girls in the TV playing electric guitar, for the 1st time in my life i feel so WANTED to learn Electric Guitar! THAT IS SO COOL!! I never know that girl can be so cool and gorgeous holding a guitar!! I mean the electric one! OMG! iosowan! and after that i met John...he is the only person i know in my life who knows how to play electric guitar ! we share the same interests!! I am so happy both of us love Electric guitar! =D

besides art,games and anime we always talked about guitar guitar guitar! he rily taught me alot! oh gui...i kena influence more and more! my love to electric guitar makin hari makin banyak liao! I even bought him a Ibanez electric guitar on the 1st valentine after we pak tor, Ibanez are so damn fuking expensive! Clue: Over RM700 but i cant tell you the actual price in here =p
  i know he loves guitar but dont hv the electric one so i spent all my savings, my harta to bought him his love! 
worth it least i learn how to pluck a guitar nao^^
unfortunately...i dint learn much cuz both of us are busying with our assignment at that time so i stop learning liao T___T  busy busy busy untill today....sad...
and this is the guitar i bought for John..SUPER CHIO right? =D 
my taste not bad hor?
Gibsons and Ibanez's guitar are my favourite!!
 Kurikinton Fox is my FAV guitarist in youtube!! go search him on google or youtube! he is super awesome and he play all the famous song so well like suzumiya haruhi's god know , FFVI The Decisive Battle, and more...he's crazy man!! and he's mysterious he never show his face one lor...He is a Japanese guitar player known for always performing in a mask! he got a big hairy mole on his face izzit? o.o
And thanks to one of a very famous anime The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi , with its very well known song "GOD KNOW" love towards electric guitar is like...KABOOM!! too love until bao zha liao XD

Today is the is 1st time i watch this anime, K-ON (けいおん as in Keion means Light Music Club) I fell in love immediately because It’s related with Music ,Cute Anime Character and its about high school!! K-ON! is currently playing on Animax Channel and i just watched the 1st and 2nd episode lastnight!

 well this is a great show!! So MOE!! faint~~I love yui chan the most cuz she play the guitar wakakaka!
but I know most of the guys love Mio...well...GUYS! OTAKUS...LOL
Mio is the one with the black hair....Yui is the short hair and looks clumsy one~Guys think that Mio is awesomely cute yet mature and hot, I dont know, Everyone has got Mio Fever! no cure! but sorry...I love yui more, I love her clumsiness and stupid and most important is she play GUITAR!!! =X

AND YES!! I WAS THINKING TO GET THIS ONE!!! PRETTY? The K-ON electric guitar,Just like Yui's one! I have been wondering how many people are thinking of buying Guitar cause of this show just like me?sigh...Im going to work earn $$$ for guitar! I AM SERIOUS OKAY! i seriously wanna learn electric guitar! so imma buy mayself a K-ON guitar..any brand oso can but if Ibanez or Gibsons got the same pattern one of course is better! Imma find someone who pro in electric guitar teach me how to plap =p
if nobody wan to teach me for free,imma going to learn myself...this is the worst!! idowan! =..=


Thats right! me and Veron discussed about cosplay the K-ON girls on the Hobbycon 2010!! in this outfit!!


( Ritsu, Mio, Yui, Mugi )
K-ON madness!! Okay...YUI IS MINE, confirm!!! Veron havent who else wanna join us? any volunteers? the clothes are not too hard to make so we can find some materials and sew the clothes ourselves!!easy easy~no worry...haha
if you're interested pls drop me a msg in my blog =D

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


John cooked this for me today...

Crepe with Peanut Butter, chocolate filling and orange jam+choco flacks on top!
THUMBS UP!! ❤ It's Yummy!

AND i cooked him this one few weeks ago!!

BURGER AGAIN! my expert lol
Melted cheese minced Ham meat Oat Burger with home made Mayo + Ham meat roll with seaweed & cheese + Potato wedges with melted parmesan and chili sauce! Slurrpp.....

AWESOME WAT? we can cook so damn well o.O" hahaha~
I think we shud change Job nao! Open a family restaurant and become chef! LOL
or which restaurant wanna hire me? =D

Maguro is on nao!!! =D is like some personal Q&A site which allows anonymous to ask you questions...something similar like twitter
Twitter allows us to bla~ anything, Formspring allows us to ask watever shit we want, and be asked!
This is fun, so keep the question coming!

So what are you waiting for? Ask me about anything you wanna know! Questions and comment are always welcome! insulting and shitty comments will be ignored or delete, i wont give a damn on rude questions sorry! so dont waste your time =)

Monday, March 15, 2010

High and Low

Seeking for attention so badly? desperate for fame? 
Upgrade your knowledge and speech if you want to attract ppls attention! 
You dont simply go and polish some high-profile person shoes,it will only make you look like some random "ke le fe" in this world! If you think you can polish some high profile person's shoes liddat to get attention then you are wrong =X 
she HATE personality like you...
try to stay LOW profile if you DON'T HAVE the quality to become HIGH! as low as you can~
Be sober! You dont even have a talent nor assets to success in your life. What else you know besides doll up yourself, Thong your hair etc? and all your "half-bucket" talent which is not TALENT at all, you exaggerate so much like you are master at it!
the only thing you pro at is how to put all those chemical liquid and powder on your face to cheat peoples heart, make up doesn't need any talent nowadays! It became a must and need for every girls in this world.Please drop your innocent act,its pathetic,If you want to judge me as a bad person and put all the blames on me? go ahead~How do you judge a person whether they are good or bad? 
and whats Your reason of judging a person to be bad? If I am rily a bad person, just call the cops and arrest me asshole! Think bout it..spend your time on thinking something usefull not something stupid and nonsense =)  get some real friend not imaginary friends okay...if you dont have any real friend with real heart around you...just admit it! cuz no one wants to be friend with you unless you drop your fuking bad behavious! or mayb you hv one or two but dont make it sounds like you got the whole world of friends who loves you! awh...poor creature that is so PATHETIC!! pretending as another person to support your own opinion in your blog will only make you look like an Idiot! and you are making everyone look down on you! boo hoo~~ why dont you think bout changing your lousy personality 1st before you ask someone to trust you and love you?

I got the reason and evidence to put you in crime this time! you stupid fire starter biatch!! you are the one who start troubling ppl when ppl do nth to you!! but I dont want to waste a minute of mine to lecture an adult,you are old enough to think with your own brain, not your boobs! you are much more older than me....act like an adult please!

Oh ya...If you are trying to write something stupid in your blog or twitter NOW! why don't you spend your precious time to READ THIS to increase your understanding in what the fuck is
and which eyes of yours see me disturb you or talking about you? I suggest you to see doc and get your medical check up immediately! 

请为自己留点尊严吧! 已经被别人忽略甚至嘲笑, 被羞辱得很凄惨了。。。反复几次的闹事发疯! 不但把自己搞得形象破损,名誉扫地, 甚至变得越来越不可理喻, 却还不知惭愧,还恶人先告状,真可悲啊~ 也请多为了妳身边的人设想吧! 那幼稚的行为真的给人带来不少困扰, 没有人是完美的...人比人,气死人。人生有那么多的东西会出现, 不可能每一样都比吧?
为自己犯下的错负责并不丢脸, 不要再为自己找借口,不要一直责怪别人, 没有人会刻意去讨厌妳! 如果自己的问题自己的坏性格都不敢承认, 那谁会喜欢妳,那真正的妳? 多花点心思及时间在有用的事物上,思考一些人生逻辑,人心问题,而不是每天浪费时间在跟别人做比较及无谓的事! 没有一技之长,什么本事都没有, 还不如多读点文章,增加知识,让自己变得更有修养,文笔更进步! 检讨自己的缺点,接受自己的弱点,听取别人的意见,认同别人的批评...面子的价值,值多少? 人说 “树要皮,人要脸。” 面子代表着作为一个人的人格和尊严,面子固然很重要, 但同时也得想一想,什么样的面子才是真正要维护的?如果一直抱着满满的错误却还不领悟, 一次又一次的出言伤人, 反而可能会让自己丢掉其他的面子。死守着所谓的自尊和自傲的原则,其实是死守着一个无所用的面子! 所以, 停止妳那过余敏感的行为吧!不要让身边的人为妳担心, 为自己保留最后那一点点的尊严。。。


Are you so desperate for FRIENDS? BEGGING FOR FRIENDS SO BADLY? stop bugging ppl around me....PEOPLESSSSS hate you because of your own shitty personality!! that is your own prob not mine! Do you think i need to waste my precious time backstab you? hahaha....funneh
they choose to trust their own EYES!

Ps: Remember this! I do not hate you! I do not hate you! I do not hate you! I DO NOT HATE YOU!
I repeat 4times liao,hope that is clear enuf for you to understand...hate and dislike are different! GoodLuck and may God BlessYou!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Shoes Haul!

Got my mad chio Brown Oxford yeaterday! woo hoo❤ me love! sorry for the bad quality pic, my cam run out of battery that time so hv to use my lousy cellphone cam =X

below is the ori pic i steal frm the blog shop i bought my oxford =)

Never realize that i shoped to much for SHOES until yesterday when I want to clean up my messy shoes rack!

SEE!!! TOO MUCH SHOES! not include some old shoes in other rack!! most of the shoes and heels in the pic are bought in year 2009-2010!

Top left: Pink Ugg boot, Valentino studded trim ankle boot, Brown oxford, Wertern cowboy boot, Doc marten pink boot, and doc marten black!

Bottom left: Pink Vintage glossy pumps, emilio valentino white heel (I cant find another white emilio valentino pumps of mine 4got where i put jor =..=), leopard print heart shape heel, converse (my all time favourite sneakers!), pink bow flat, red checkered sneakers!

AND some of them are still NEW,Brand new never worn before!!
especially the Pink Vintage glossy pumps and leopard print heart shape heels...thinking of letting go both of them! who wan who wan? Mail me at 
if you are interested to purchase any one of them!  =D

I keep my shoes in the box one so dont worry!  

leopard print heart shape heels
 Size 6/37
Original Price RM69.90
Now: RM49

Pink Vintage glossy pumps
Size 5/36
Original price RM80
Now: RM59

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cats in the family

 I am not a cat Lover...but i became a cat lover after i met these adorable cats of John❤ =D
me myself got 3cats and 4new borned baby kittens in my own family, the LIM family, Lim is my family name~haha but i dun love them! I mean...of course i still love them but not as much as how i LOVE John's cats! lol
my cats are more like...wild and BIG? they are not...cute at all, i dun like to sayang sayang them cuz they always make me dulan, THEY DONT MANJA AT ALL!! they run away when i sayang them, same when my popo, mommy, dad bro or sis sayang them! my family always adopted UGLY and lazy and weird cats! so not their fault also lar coz when my cats are still kittens hor...they also look very cute one but after few months they changed..bcome not... so cute liao, =..= the 1st cat in my family is like very ganas look, a lil bit like tiger, and 2nd one zai look? yea he looks very tai lin ngong and COWARD max! and the last one is a female cat..she looks more ugly cuz her face is so damn skinny! like witch! hahaha

and she juz gv birth to 4baby kittens last 2weeks!! and the babies...
*kof kof* one look like.....

  Adolf Hitler!!  
and 4got to mention both cat 1 and 2 are AH KUA! means...bondan..they dont hv balls~OMG! LOLS~
MeowZhuMa stands for PigMeow, PigZhu and meow ma lololol !!
the three cats in the LIM's FAMILY!

the elder son in the LIM family, PigMeow..but my popo call him "miao gu" (male cat) in hakka...por, you wrong liao lor he's not a male cat anymore...shud call him Ah Kua or Ah bon! haha

this is the 2nd son aka PigZhu...kenot tahan with his face =..= ngong ku max!
he/she is the second ah kua in my family haha! loves to eat, shit, sleep and he will angry when u sayang him!! so not cute!!!

the youngest female cat in my family...the small one in the pic! my popo and mommy just call her "miao ma"(female cat), we oso lazy to think a fancy fancy name for her so ended up call her Miao Ma! she is so damn skinny eventho she eats alot!! her face look so sharp like witch!! AND she is a bitch a whore a slut!!! =..=....why? cuz she fucked with other wild cat outside and get pregnant!! AND she is still a very very YOUNG cat! like 13-14 years old teenager in human age...

and these are her babies❤

look alike hor??
 the third one frm left hahaha.....ugly but cute~~~~!! nah...kittens are always cute, but after they grown up? "Lao Lin den" this is John's father fav quote when he describe his cats! haha XD
these kittens are going to donate to my frens cuz my daddy dunwan to keep them..=(
too many cats in the house liao! no money to feed them haha

I jelous max ! John's family always so lucky one i duno why..their cats is like OMFG so cute max!! they always adopted adorable cats!! kawaii when they was kitten...gorgeous when they besar!
KUREOCHA stands for Kushiro+Oreo+Mocha
who is Mocha?? IS OUR NEW MEMBER IN THE FAMILY~and he is a CAT KITTEN!
 and yes these cats are actually belongs to John's family..not mine! sob =(

This is the elder Bro in the Lo family- Kushiro
Lo is John's family sir name =)

I used to very sayang him one but...i changed my i sayang little OREO more!

Oreo-the naughty fatso!! I love her the most...i dunno why...i feel like there is a bond between me and her dats y i sayang her so much!!! and she love to manja manja with me~so LOVE!! this is the 1st time i love a cat so so so much! even when i go shopping for half day oso i miss her already,kenot concentrate shopping wan to faz faz go home(John's home) and hug her!! I am a dog lover but i feel in love with this fatso bitch! so fluffy and FAT!! I love her fur very soft like she use Dove!lol ❤❤❤❤❤
Mommy love you so much my Oreo baby~ X3

and the new member in the family BABY MOCHA!!!
Mocha (right) actually has a twins sister named Coffee!! they always do the same things at the same they sit how they sleep,how they pose for the cam also same leh..see!!! VERY CUTE HOR??? XD
but John's dad dunwan to adopt both so we terpaksa choose one, we returned Coffee to the owner =(
poor Mocha crying non stop searching for his twin sis at the night when he separated with Coffee...but luckily my Oreo very nais and lovely..she very sayang Mocha! always play with Mocha and cleaned him up everyday nao! awh...sweet ❤