Friday, February 26, 2010

Me=VAIN+Liz Lisa

This time Liz Lisa's new trend rily caught my eyes! today I bought something really cool related with the Liz Lisa Spring collection fashions after i keep seeing all these Liz Lisa Scans on the internet kena brain and eye washed!! something rily..expensive but worth..i think =X

I tergila gila in loved with the Latest 2010 Liz Lisa Spring collection!

Liz Lisa
My all time favourite Brand!!

This Spring, Liz Lisa came out with something very Denim-ish+Lace and WESTERN BOOTS !
Light denim, tans, whites, beiges that are going to be the spring colors of the year. 
Denims.... I like it cause denim is amazingly super easy match on working with the western trend!
I really like the “romantic” looks, Layers, Lace with floral prints, denim, Pink+brown, fur, western boots, checkered combination of Liz Lisa! So Girly and Romantic~I LAP LAP LAP LAP ALL OF THEM!❤❤❤

Let's see what so cool bout Liz Lisa's 2010 spring Fashion~=D
 I am totally loving a lot of these trends!
Liz Lisa’s style seems to have western influence this year,and i gila gila begining to like the western trend!

 I think im going to ask mommy buy me lots lots of lace cause Im going to DIY all of my denim skirt and pants lol~got more Liz Lisa feel mah~and I think.....I'm in love with brown too =X 
its weird but i found out brown color rily suite me well than pink, i dun care!! I wont admit! PINK STILL LOOK THE BEST ON ME!ヽ(*`Д´)ノ
I should pay more attention and snatch up these types of  clothes,pants,skirt and accessories etc etc etc..when i hang kai nxt time XD
Im having Liz Lisa fever nao,very serious one kenot cure liao! I WAN TO SHOP AT SHIBUYA 109!!

 See this see this? MY NEW WESTERN BOOTIE!! Got Liz Lisa spring feel o not? haha

 I love my u? =)

 Oreo bite my bootie!!!! CELAKA GANAS CAT! think she loves my new bootie too?

SO CHIO!! I LOVE~going to hug them when i oioi tonite XD

 Bite Bite Bite~so syok lor you..bite my bootie i still let u camwhore somemore!

And next are Vain Photos of mine!

seriously dunno i can has this kind of smile one lorh o.O"

Vain max!!
beh tahan vain...
fooling around with the cam..

 ok lar enuf for today~bai bai


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Decopocky X Valentines

Yay~Is Valentine's DAY ❤ 
I mean Ex-Valentine *kof kof*
 yar yar yar...Im late again...I know...I always late in updating my blog.

What's the best or romantic gifts to please the LOVES one in your life on Valentines Day?
OR What do you receive on Valentine's Day?

A box of Chocolate?

 a bouquet of Roses?

Traditional Valentine's gift that never fail: Flowers roses,chocolate of course! but dont you think giving flower and chocolate is a bit boring? no IS SUPER BORING obviously=..= 
not sien meh recieved the same thing every year?

well Girls~your Boyfriend will be so happy if you give them a hand made chocolate BUT! you dont just melt a chocolate bar and pour them into a heartshape molds and then dats it! DONE! so lao ya and no heart =..=
to make your chocolate look more interesting and more beautifull you can decorate them with some heart deco,icing or watever cute that you can found in the supermarket or watever kedai runcit if got sell lar~ 
ITS TIME TO CHANGE! be creative and make something new~Who wouldn't appreciate abox of hand made heart chocolate with lots of deco to show your heart and melt her/his heart? awww~❤❤❤ *sweet* your loves one sure gam dung to the max!
AND my Valentine's gift of the year....
POCKY from glice

yea..Pocky, one of My favourite snacks EVER!❤

So Decopocky. I guess a few of you have already heard about it,similar to Decoden (cellphone)
if you dunno apa tu Decopocky that means you are OUT! lol~ you can visit HERE
to the official decopocky page (Japanese) 

I was reading popteen which i download from the internet month ago,
and i saw that kumiko, yui, and wei son advertised Pocky with some Bling on it O.O"
I am so curious and i went to google bout it~and i found all these pix on the internet! OMG! SUPA KAWAII~me love kaw kaw! ❤ (●^o^●)
the designs are edible! you deco it and then you eat it! you dont need to take the deco off..

so I decide to Deco my own POCKY!!
 I bought the chocolate one~(choco flavour)

and  the Pink one (strawberry flavour)
 and some deco icing~

And a bar of cadburys Chocolate

And thats all~
you can start deco your pocky!! =D 
few hours later..........
These are my CREATION~!


I am so Genius!!! XD
John still keep the last one with his name on it in the fridge.."ng seh dak" to eat hahaha 

What are you waitin for? LET'S GET CREATIVE AND HAVE FUN!!
you can always start to deco your own pocky, anytime at anywhere, Not only on Valentines! 
NOW everyone can has this SUPA KAWAII DECOPOCKY! ヽ(^◇^*)/

Don't forget to watch Tsubasa's Pocky Dance! Kawaii max~

P/s: I'll make a decopocky tutorial if anyone of you wanna learn lol XD~  REQUEST REQUEST! hahaha

I am Awesome!!

Magu is Awesome, 
Magu is genius, 
Magu is Ten sai, 
Magu is super Geng,
Magu is a designer, 
Magu is an Anime Artist, 
Magu is a CHEF!! 
The AWESOME one!!!!

I can cook awesome food like Pasta, Lasagna, Pizza, Burger, Omelet, home made fries mashed potatoes..wah why all western food o.o" nolar..
I can also cook Japanese curry, egg tart, sui kaw (dumpling) etc etc etc...this list can goes on forever...bla bla bla
yea i love to experiment with food ❤❤❤ I love to cook I love to experiment without refer on any recipe book,well most of my cooking knowledge came frm my Mum and TV, i know it sound super ridiculous~haha but at least i dare to try lorh^^
I used to watch my mum and popo cook at home and my fav channel in astro,of course is AFC(703) Asian food channel!and thats how i upgrade my cooking skill =D
One of my self proclaimed PRO dish ish Burger! cause its fun to cook...its fun to play, its fun to hantam!! 

so cheeeeeeese~ ❤ This is what i cooked today for John~when he keep ngi ngi ngo ngo for food =3
feel so proud of myself ^^ I can open a restaurant nao! haha


Pepper scrambled eggs with self made lime mayo on top+ Home made SUPER yums Beef Burger with extra cheese!!+Grilled Seaweed cheese turkey ham roll~


Looks YUMMY eh~??SAY ME AWESOME pls~~~ XD
hahaha~I'll list out my own secret recipe if someone request me to do a HOME MADE HAMBURGER TUTORIAL~lol
I am Happy when i cook but more happy to see someone i love nom nom nom my cooking❤


my new cheated one Japanese curry~looks impressive and taste GOOD too! I bought a pack of curry from Daiso and experiment it with my own recipe =D
"Beef Kare with sweet potatoes+carrots+onions+curry leaves"


Kare (カレ), Japanese curry is not much like the curries from India, Thai, or malay! Japanese curry is thicker, sweeter and milder than the normal traditional one! yum yums~
Super easy to cook and super yummy, and you dont need to worry your dish will spoil and turned out hangus or taste disgusting!  =D

Enjoy the piccas and dont forget to lap your saliva ~❤