Tuesday, December 29, 2009


A short Post for today before i off to play my Dynasty Warrior6!! *Xbox 360*


Today I'm going to tell you the secret of my Big EYEs lenses as promised~2 days ago
sworry...I'm suppose to write this entry yesterday!
Which I've mentioned in my previous Blog entry =D

Jeng Jeng Jeng~here it is!!
The chio Blue Lens which I'm crazy in love with^^
After purchasing my new Blue lens i find out these lenses are super awesome!!

This is the New 17mm Princess Candy King from Japan!
Available in 3 colors

Princess Candy King Blue *

* Princess Candy King Brown *

* Princess Candy King Grey *

and i choose the blue one!

The Princess Candy King Blue 17mm diameter!

see~the 17mm ring is HUGE!!! =D
I've been looking for this kind of blue lens since the day I start to wear color contact!
vivid colour, high contrast outer ring to make my eyes looks BIGGER and outstanding!
and finally i found *her* lol

My natural eye color is.....very dark, dark brown and almost black!!
and i don't like it =..=
Even GEO lenses color contact can't save my dark iris!!
my previous color contact like GEO nudy blue, Geo nudy brow, Geo ash wing, Geo Angel etc....make my eye looks so shit the color turned darker on my eyes!
I mean..when i compare with my friends larh..we are wearing the same lens same brand same color but how come theirs one look more chio? the color so obvious and contrast!
but my shit eyes look sooooo........duh!! DARK!!??
so mafan to choose the right color contact that i want!
I WANT MY EYE COLOR TO GET BRIGHTER and BIGGER at the same time! grrr....
i know Freshlook color is super outstanding but i buai tahan with small lens after wearing BIG circle lenses Hahaha~

And here is another pair of lens I'm using recently which i 4got to blog bout long long ago ~
so I've decided to blog them sekali gus lorh! hahaha

Barbie black contact lens 15.8mm
Available in wow~so many colors!
5 in the pic but actually is 7...the other 2 are Black and Brown!
with no pattern in the ring~

this is the black one i choose =)

the measurement!


bought it from the internet oso =p

I then took one of my GEO NUDY BLUE lenses to do some comparison shots.
Left: Barbie lens 15.8mm / Right: Geo Nudy Blue 14.0mm
so small =..=

Super close up shots~
these lenses are huge~~
wearing them make me look like the "O_O" emoticon.

and i think is bigger than the 17mm one right? o.o" how come

Some old piccas of me in *GEO NUDY BLUE*
Have to photoshop gao gao baru can see the blue color =..=
but it looks grey on me ! and small......

I'm happy everytime i see this thing on my table when i came home =D


Monday, December 28, 2009

Camwhore *LOVES*

New camwhore piccas of the day!

Spot my new lens??
New lens i bought from the Internet!!
so chio the color so contrast!! mad love it~~
ok no ps edit on the eyes ok!
Just adjust the color brightness and contrast!
the color of the lens is just like wat u see in the pic!


Just scroll down ~~~


ori pic without any color editing!!
The color of the lens is so chio rite?

blur fringe...my cam lousy or wat? grrr....

I love this *Bite finger* pic but i dont know why the picca blur jor especially the fringe =..=

Ok lar...enuf for my camwhore piccas.....
Tell me which one is your fav~lol =D

I'll blog about the secret of my big eyes lenses tomorrow!!
clue 1: They are not the GEO series lenses
clue 2: not deuba
clue 3: not GNG
clue 4....
no more clue for u liao!! come bck 2molo!!

nai nai guys! off to bed now^^

Monday, December 14, 2009


The long-waited BIGGEST event in year 2009 for OTAKUS, ARTIST, ANIME FREAKS, GOTHIC-LOLITAS-PUNK LOVERS, COSPLAYERS, DORKS, GEEKS, PEOPLES in KotaKinabalu is finally over! but im still in the cosplaying, shiokk and kan cheong mood!
nya nya~~~ (=°ω°=)

more crowd, more cosplayer, more FUN!

Date:12th-13th December 2009


And this year's HOBBYCON was held at Citymall Kota Kinabalu! which Organized by ClickStartPlay! a popular forum, for sabah youth i guess o.O" im so out ler...think i shud join the click start play forum bah! well...mayb later, after i finish my blog entry XD

This year’s Hobbycon is much more bigger, better, and safer than last year,and last last year!!

so i woke up at 10 something on the 1st day, walao so late oredy!! *rush*

Found my bestie Zhen Zhen and su wen there!!! wah very de "you yuan" (faith)

Wow there are lotsa hobby booths such as Game & Console, Toys & Figurines, Magic, Art, doujin , Free Tarot Reading and many more including our college S.I.A Detecke booth!!!!

The finalist! the one at bottom right one is mine! (≧ω≦)

my mascot is in the finalist~weeeee hapi❤

❤Cheryl babe as Sheryl Nome from macross frontier
so chio rite and she is 178cm tall OMG!!! i only 153 leh T___T

so pretty! chiaki as kawaii Ranka Lee frm the left , me, lil bunny Sakuya as ehem (wat ar?) sorry i dunno =( and cheryl my gorgeous!! ❤❤❤❤
sigh they dressed so nice make me looks so random (*`Д´)

woah...so cool!! awesome costume! i love!! ヽ(´∀`*)ノ

my heroes~please protect me~lolololol
meh... i oso not sure wat anime is this coz i only gila with ONE PIECE & Naruto and konata lol....why no ppl cosplay one piece char?? o.o"

a male who cosplay as female...paiseh he's my high sch fren XD
Joanna the GOD she's the winner of the day! I heard dat she took 1 year to customize her whole outfit and the guns etc etc..o.o"
Irene and i~luv her^^ she's my personal maid and SHE'S MINE!! roar~!
stage perform

Live canvas drawing! I like this one so nice~
spot my drawing??? o.o"

TADA~!! is mini momo!! huhuhuhu^^

Note, these are not professional cosplayer!!
they are just a very normal fan who sew,customize and buy their costume themself~but they manage to portray their favourite char so nice!! and almost look alike!! *claps claps*
rily wan to salute them! their costume is like omg awesome!

Camwhore with Shirley aka oioiz~she's the sweetest mad love ❤!!

These are the Photos i steal from other photographers tee heehee~ =p

me likey❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Shirley is the photographer! chio rite? i mean the photo she took not me!

Chiaki + my lovely maid Irene + My smexy hunneh baby cheryl!!

is my CHERYL again!!!

Omg i keep stealing My baby's photo from FB i dont know why im abit saiko(psycho) liao!!
Cheryl babe ur beauty make me bcome abnormal!!! and lesbian...

see...i steal again!!! sambil upload sambil curi! (=°ω°=)


okok i think i shud stop stealing liao =..=
later my Cheryl hunneh think dat im less & run away from me! *CRY*

Joanna the GOD!! omg see those costume of her! super GG!
And she won!! 2 tumbs up *wink*

BILL~from L4D

Ms ka

For those who’s into Japanese Popular Culture!! MAKE SURE YOU JOIN HOBBYCON 2010 NEXT YEAR ヽ(^◇^*)/ ♥

Random Photo of the day

ma dinner *LOVE* at sushi king citymall!
this is so yummy!♥ (^∇^) ♥
Im in love with this! Japanese Curry Chicken + omelette + CHEESE = EXTRA FATS!
who cares~me likey ♥

Dats all for today stay tune for the next entry^^