Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My 21st Buffday

Hi I am Magu and I'm 21 this year o.o"

Happy Birthday to Me! ^^

I officially turn into an adult on 09 October! is that a good thing or wat? o.o"
I'M OLD!! zomg...I'm slow im know...sorry for being such a slow blogger =x
my birthday has passed almost for 2 weeks and now i just posted it here.
but thx to mommy,I'm Having the craziest BBQ Buffday party ever in my whole life♥ ♥
MAD FUNNY AND CRAZY~she spent super lot for me on for my buffday~
And Mommy was so nice to me. She bought me a Habib diamond ring and organized a BBQ party for me at home,She bought all the BBQ and other items which cost her almost RM500 !
I love you mommy *hugs & kisses*

this is my new nail for my Buffday.Pink again~
bought it from Wisma but 4got the shop's name.

my party turned out to be a lil bit unsyok because of the weather =..=
I was so busy preparing everything the whole day from the time i woke up,then to went for a shopping at the market with mom with my sleepy look,and nude face somemore!
Then went to class, after that went home and start to clean up the house and the BBQ stove and everything including the dishes until everyone reached!! I'm dying bcoz of exhausted!
but worth it =D haha

that wasn't the worst part!
the worst than the worst was the weather! yes...water start dripping from the sky!
RAINING!!! @$!^@#@%#^$(* wat the
this was so unexpected...BBQ in the rain sob sob sob...but thx to vun he help me a lot to move the stove into the parking lot! and help me to set up the fire again cause i dunno how to make it burned! bro is the one who owez set up the fire when we're having bbq at home XD
but he went to tution on that nite due to PMR is coming~

And here's the piccas from almost 2weeks ago...
the 1st pic i capture on that nite!

*ka cha*!!
Ah vun y u smile like that =..=

VUN eating his chiken wing! haha my best Ji mui ever~
he was being so rube to me all the time dunno y i still love him..grrr I hate you vun!! haha
but hor... he's the 1st one reach my house at that nite! my party start at 7 but he came at 6++
omg wat a sweet
sorry for those who i din invite to my party,my house is too small to fit too many ppl, i wish i can ask everyone i love to attend =x

A family photo with my Uncle's family
Front row from left to right: my cousin,which i owez call her fei po cousin,my Grandma,middle one is the Buffday girl, my lil sista,mommy and dad.
Back row is: my fei po cousin's daddy(Uncle), my genius(konon lar)cousin, the genius father and mother(Uncle & aunt),and their son again.

My family + Boyfriend + BFF

My besties + BFF

Back: My lovely boyfriend, Vun, and Jer
front: Veron, Chiew Yen, Sarah, Eileen, Howey.
Su wen & Zhen is out from the pic bcoz she went home early T_____T

yay~is time to cut the cake! woops 4got to take the picca of the cake o.o"
is a durian cheese cake! Original homemade ordered from wisma 2nd floor outside the Familia store! DAMN NICE! i wanna get another one on my next year buffday haha XD

Is wishing time..ahaha my pose is kinda awkward cause I'm defending myself from Sarah and Chiew yen..i know they were planing on something! Bully me again with the cake! but mission failed HAHAHAHA! you don't hv the chance!! =p

with John~
love him till the max!

the rose looks yummy~oh my

is time to open mah Presents~kekekeke
the happiest moment!

the 1st one is from vun & eileen! look wat i've got!
CONDOMS! and a shoe accessories!
ah vun choose it from the place i work (Loooi) i mean the shoes thingey not the condoms!
so i know the price liao lar vun u so dumb! haha
oredy told u to buy the watch de lar so cheap can use my name to get 30% staff discount somemore! plus its from NEW ZEALAND!
nolar..kidding i'm not complaining and thx for the present vun i love it! Pink suite me the most i think..and its from Australia so the quality is *TUMBS UP*

btw...dat is ah vun's butt is the picca haha
You fat ass Vun!

horny look with the condoms...

well wats next? hard to open leh..wats inside!?
eh...i just realised the condom's packaging is PINK colour too!
wow..vun condom u oso bought me the pink one ar?

next one is~A CAT NECKLACE from Veron and her hubby Jeremy^^

act like a cat...Meow~

wow this one is one of my favourite present on that nite! mad chio necklace with a red 7up can!
thank you Howey hunneh my love!

Octopus plushie for my head..nolar is for my new handphone actually!
from Sarah,and she purposely get this to me bcoz she know that i'm going to hv a new Cellphone from John which i dunno =..=
John told everyone accept me and he pretend that he 4got to buy me a present!

Strawberry with Pink pearl bracelet from Chiew yen! kawaii!
omg everything is PINK!

this one is from Ah zhen..necklace again....
walao i think i get necklace from everyone on my buffday =..=
my neck is heavy at that time cause i hang all the necklace on my neck!

and now is the RING!
are you ready to open it?

TADA! Chio o not? omg is real diamond!! Love it!! My mom love it and i love it too~
every woman love diamonds~don't cha? =D
I pick this because i think it's cute and...well I kinda like the DESIGN!! Is expensive but i think this is the cheapest one i guess lol at least the diamonds worth the price!
thank you again my beloved mommy muacks~


LG KF350 Ice Cream from my hubby darling John Lo...

omg i feel so guilty T___T
he's the 2nd person who spent lot of $ on me...
but of course I'm happy at the same time♥ Thank You x1000000000!!!

and my new Pink + bling + pearl belt!!
this is not my buffday present from John too...he bought it to me before my buffday!

Games Time!

playing the King games.whoever pick a paper with a Crown on it,then he/she's the KING!
king can order the others to do watever he wats! and for those who kena pick but canot buat will kena Punish!
Bla Bla Bla...I dunno how to explain this so cincai type =X haha
more than cincai!!

lols..and the punishment is....CONTENG MUKA!
these are the faces of the losers!!!

Sarah the Meow~

Chiew yen the tikus!

wat a pose hahaha~

Howey the Monster hahaha
she looks like Jack Sparrow at 1st...but after that i add on a tick red lipstick around her mouth then bcome a Joker! hahaha
super UGLY~omg....


veron the half face Zoro! lol

omg shock me!!

OMG monster!! SHOCK TILL THE MAXX~ haha

I know you guys will wonder how come my face is still clean one?
blive it or not I'm MAD LUCKY on that nite and i won all the games...and they end up kena conteng by me ahahahahahahahaha FEEL SO SYOK!!

P/S: To Howey,Sarah,Veron and Chiew Yen~


And thank you for those who wish me in Facebook thx alot and i love you guys^^

Swory if i missed you out =X

well I must say, special thanks to everyone who has helped, especially John who offered to help me with everything.And lastly Thanks for coming all of youuuu and also the presents!!! you guys made my 21st very, very, unforgettable. XIE XIE NI MEN!!

Celebrating not only my Buffday but also my Anniversary with JOHN!

9 october is my Buffday and also our Anniversary!
double celebrate! may our lve last long..nonono...
till we die!!

our couple ring!

And this one is an extra~haha

my Juicy charm bracelet + bangles!

Ok I am done with this super long blog entry!
time to sleep tata~